Mitesh Patel lived with his wife Jessica, in the English city of Middlesbrough, together, they conducted a pharmacy. The business did not go well, the marriage. As the British newspaper “The Telegraph” reported, met Patel often with other men, whom he had met on the Dating App “Grindr”. A serious relationship he should have with a man who lives in Sydney. Together, they seemed to be forging a diabolical Plan.

Google search: “I need to kill my wife”

In may of this year, injected Patel and his wife an Overdose of Insulin and strangled her bag, finally, with a plastic. Then, the 37-ravaged Years of the house and tied up Jessica with adhesive tape, in order to stage a break-in.


Thomas Jennings – the first man, a fingerprint of the finger to the gallows

Gernot Kramper

brought receive He speculated, of the insurance compensation payments in the millions. Together with his Beloved, he wanted a new life, a new family. The frozen egg cells of his wife should meet via In-vitro fertilization to have children of the homosexual couple.

As the investigation, mimed Patel the grieving husband. Soon, the officials found, however, searches that had been conducted by the pharmacist before the Internet. Including “I need to kill my wife” (to German: “I have to kill my wife”), “insulin overdose” (“Insulin Overdose”), “hiring hitman UK” (contract killers hire GB”) and “how much methadone kill you?” (“How much methadone will kill you?”). Patel was arrested, the sweet dream of a new life was crumbling. Then he blurted out finally – thanks to its Smartphones.

The iPhone is a careful observer

For the first Time in the history of the UK, the data of Apple were evaluated health App “Health” to convict a murderer. As Patel through the apartment delivery, drawers cleared and its contents on the floor, empty, furniture, knocked her down and the scene of a break-in designed, recorded his iPhone his movements: four up ten steps on the ground floor, the stairs, the 35 step in the upper floor, two levels down.

the Moor-killer

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Gernot Kramper

As the Suspect despite his claim could not be transferred, that he was at this time in the house and burglars language.

The iPhone for his wife recorded after her murder in just 14 steps, Patel took her to the staging of the break-in with in the front yard where Jessica’s body was finally found. The analyzed data also show that Patel, after he had found his wife, supposedly dead, ran with quick steps to the first floor, to hide the hard disk of the home monitoring system under a bed.

Israeli company crack device code

iPhones have long been considered the unentsperrbar, which led to discussions. At its Zenith, when Apple refused some time ago, a back door for investigations of the FBI. An Israeli security company, however, is a System developed now that the latest iPhone unlocked without a problem – and in addition to Patel, soon, more criminals are likely to convert.

The British High Court spoke to the pharmacist guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment. In a Statement to the “Guardian” says the sister of the victim about her brother-in-law: “Mitesh itself can answer why he did it. His actions were purely for selfish reasons. He could have a divorce, however, he could take what he wanted, he had to kill them. He has no right, this evil, to go to cruel and malicious.”

sources: “the Guardian”, “The Telegraph”