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Rio de Janeiro won the 2016 Olympic Gold, in Vienna, she was enthusiastic 2017 world champion Laura Ludwig and her partner Kira Walkenhorst an audience of millions for beach volleyball. She went on to become one of the most famous athletes in Germany. In the summer, you brought a son to the world. Now the 32 is joined-Year-old back to Training, supported by the father of the little Teo, John, the Scots, and beach volleyball coach Imornefe Bowes.

THE TIME: Good day, Mrs Ludwig, how are you and Teo?

Laura Ludwig: we’re fine – now I can say: very good. The start time was a bit more difficult to Adjust to the family is really a challenge. I’m just saying to all the mothers and fathers: respect! Now I know what made my parents through! (laughs) But it is extremely beautiful and it is always beautiful.

TIME: Is your son very active?

Ludwig: Very lively, very, very curious, he wants to capture everything. Teo resists sleep in the day, but he will be in the evening, very tired, what makes our night, in turn, are comparatively pleasant.

TIME: does that Fit in with their return to the beach volleyball?

Ludwig: The Plan was that I listen to my body and respond as soon as I have ants in your pants or feel limp. But since a few weeks I will go back to doing sports every day. First, nothing Wild: Cycling, stabilization training, the famous pelvic floor – there’s quite a lot, before I can throw myself again in the workout. In the meantime, I’m also back in the Sand.

TIME: What was the feeling?

This article dates back to the TIME no 47/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

Ludwig: It has made a lot of fun, and I moved better than I would have expected of me. But we have also started first piano, it had more to do with technology – it is currently perfect for my body. We have trained really in the lowest intensity, and I felt, nevertheless, the next Morning, every muscle.

TIME: when were you for the last Time on the network?

Ludwig: last Time on the field I was, I think, in the eighth month. But the more ball contacts than I rumbewegt really.

TIME: Kerri Walsh, the three-time Olympic champion, which you know well, won their most recent title in London in 2012 in the fifth week of pregnancy.

Ludwig: (laughs) So I felt during the first three weeks of pregnancy really pregnant, and was often tired and sluggish. I always had to leave out again workouts, because I was floored. My body has changed extremely. I would not be able to play tournaments, and it was quite good that I had to have it.