Helene Fischer performs together with Kiefer Sutherland on the stage

©ZDF/Michael Zargarinejad

In the past few days, Helene Fischer (34) is provided before separation of Florian silver iron (37) for headlines. Today, on the 1. Christmas day is back with their traditional “Helene Fischer-Show” (at 20:15) in the ZDF. For the 180-minute show, the pop Star has invited a number of national and international music guests.

Kiefer Sutherland can sing

With actor Kiefer Sutherland (52) is this year even a real Hollywood-Star to a guest. The Star of series like “24” and movies such as “Flatliners” has taken place in the last few years as a musician with a name. In October of 2019, he will be with his Country-Rock for the third Time by Germany tours.

Also in Italy, cuddly singer Eros Ramazzotti (55) has the honor. He will be fishing the song “Per Il Resto Tutto Bene”, which he released on his new Album, “Vita, Ce N’è”. Complete the international all-star squad of the puerto Rican Latin Pop singer Luis Fonsi (40), was achieved with the Mega-Hit “Despacito” the big breakthrough.

lot of duets

But also German artists, of course, again, the Jack in the Hand. The hit-Power-women, Maite Kelly, Michelle and Kerstin Ott, rock voice, Ben sugar, Newcomer Eli, Austria peak Ina rain and pop star Luca Hänni with fishing, among other things, on the stage. As always, fishing is not only give your voice to the Best. The spectators can look forward again to any amount of acrobatics.

“Helene Fischer-Show” is now running for the sixth Time in the ZDF. The last issue on may 25. December 2017 reached 6.12 million viewers.