Jussie Smollett From the series “Empire”

©Eugene Powers / shutterstock.com

is The story about the supposedly bogus attack on Jussie Smollett (36) has an impact on the series, “Empire”, in which he is involved. The Fox network has decided to cancel Smolletts role of Jamal from the remaining two episodes of the current fifth season, reports the American site “TMZ”.

one concern, according to a statement from the producers, while the “important member of our ‘Empire’-family”, but: “We also fully understand the effect the incident has on our Cast and our Crew involved in the series. In order to avoid further disturbances on the Set, we have decided to remove the character ‘Jamal’ from the last two episodes of this season.”

Of insiders wants to know “TMZ” that Jussie Smolletts series-colleagues should have voted to dismiss him entirely. Smollett had given at the end of January, by two white Trump-trailers on the open road, attacked, to be beaten and humiliated. Latest investigations by the police, it is true, but it is now very likely that the actor has staged the incident with two accomplices. Lack of money and self-esteem to be accepted as a motif. For the pretense of a crime for up to three years in prison in the United States.