Update from the 24. November:There are new rumors of an additional jungle camp residents – and it’s about Rafael van der Vaart (35). In early November, the Ex-husband of Sylvie Meis had gone surprisingly in the football pension. It pulls him from the green grass in the jungle? On his Twitter Account, the Dutchman shared a Screenshot of his phone screen to see two missed calls. One comes from the former coach of the English national team, Harry Redknapp (71), which Brings in the UK Version of “I’m a celebrity me out of here!”.

The other message came from ITV Productions, the production company of “IBES”. Wrote this picture of Rafael: “I shouldn’t have to announce my retirement.”Just a joke? Or a grain of truth behind it yet?

Update vom 21. November 2018: “Dahoam is Dahoam”-Star jungle camp? We met with Doreen Dietel in Gmund am Tegernsee.

there are Still a few weeks until the Start of the jungle camps in 2019. In January, the F pull – up Z-list celebrities in the Australian Bush. But even now, the names of the candidates are said to have signed a contract with RTL circulating in the media. The Bild-Zeitung and the magazine Closer to announce the exclusive first jungle camp participants. The Bild-Zeitung is known to be informed in terms of RTL’s Shows are notoriously good, so that the announcement of the candidates, called the tabloid, comes an unofficial confirmation of the same.

jungle camp, 2019: Bastian Yotta in the Bush

He would fit perfectly into the jungle camp: Bastian Yotta (43), according to a report by the Bild-Zeitung, a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019. Bastian Yotta – is actually called Bastian Gillmeier, and Landshut is the ideal man for each of the Trash TV Format. The muscle-bound swank-millionaire (live, at least according to their own data) in Hollywood and made in the past year already with the “Adam seeks eve” for attention. Among other things, with an erection that brought another candidate to shout. A scene Bastian Yotta, commented on wince with a shrug.

At the end of the Show Bastian Yotta and Natalia Osada were a Few – but only for a short time. In the meantime, he should be in solid hands. Prior to that, he was in a relationship with Maria herring, carried temporarily the name Maria Yotta and RTL viewers as a former American idol Contestant could be.

2016 staged both in the ProSieben Show “The Yottas! With full speed through America“ – the docu-Soap the coronation of the immodesty of Bastian Yotta. With Lamborghini, luxury Villa, expensive clothes, he directed at the side of his then-girlfriend Maria Yotta. Your exclusive Lifestyle to the swank-couples-documented on Instagram and Facebook.

Bastian Yotta is known as an Ego-actor thick to apply. And probably the jungle camp, the producers have hired him to do which is exactly why as a candidate.

+ Draws Bastian Yotta into the jungle camp in 2019?© MG RTL DDschungelcamp 2019: Alf into the jungle camp?

As the image reports, also drag Tommi Piper (77), the German voice of shaggy Alfs, 2019 in the jungle. It’s funny how things change: in 2016, he had stressed to the tz yet, he had rejected an offer for the jungle camp, because “I won’t let myself get to the monkeys.”

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Time is flying by. Grab the magic moments. New Year just feels like a heartbeat ago. My life is very fast and the more important it is to press pause and inhale the NOW. We think about the future, about the past and forget to realize and recognize the NOW. Take a breathe, close your eyes and feel the moment. Grab the moment like I grabbed the hottest butt I ever had of the most precious and most beautiful girlfriend I ever had. Thank you for the magic moments my love @m. y._life___ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by Mr. Yotta Ⓒ (@yotta_life) on Oct 23, 2018 at 10:13 PM PDT

His voice almost everyone knows still: Alf, the alien who brought in the 1980s, television viewers in the eponymous Sitcom Laugh. Actor Tommi Piper dubbed the lovable Alien for three years. “At the end of the role but was even harmful for me, because I was able to make after that, no normal stuff anymore,” he once said in an Interview. Because Alf is a clothes figure – and the Film and TV people would forget that he was an experienced actor and synchronous speaker.

He lent actors such as Nick Nolte (77), Harvey Fierstein (63) and Andrew Dice (60) his voice, starred in many films. “For three years I had not one single day more,” said Piper in June 2018, the tz. As he told the tabloid, he would have synchronized for the Streaming service, Netflix, also like Tony Danza (67) in the series “The good Cop”. However, his voice had been deemed too old to sync with Tony Danza. Perhaps the money was the decisive factor for the participation at the jungle camp of 2019 (Link to *tz.de).

+ He was the German voice of Alf: Tommi Piper into the jungle camp 2019?© picture alliance/dpa / Stephan Jansen

As the image is also “Bachelor’s degree”candidate Evelyn Burdecki (30) into the jungle camp in 2019 – what, however, had revealed to the magazine Closer. Evelyn Burdecki could meet in the jungle camp to your Ex Domenico De Cicco (see below) . Their relationship had taken a tragic end, as a De Cicco was suddenly a father. Not of Evelyn. A lot of talking for long nights by the camp fire.

Annemarie Eilfeld item is a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019

Well, who knows? In 2009, Annemarie Eilfeld (28) as a candidate for American idol known. Mainly because of their generous performances, less because of the quality of your voice. Open zoffte with Juror Dieter Bohlen and was described by him as “Bitch”. At the time, she won the third place in “Germany seeks the Superstar”. As before, you make music. Your career has not reached the Level of a Helene Fischer or Vanessa may – still cautious. Soon she’s on TV again in front of an audience of millions. As Closer reported, allegedly Annemarie Eilfeld a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019.

According to the People magazine Annemarie will probably be the jungle Viper. “Now you should worry about in the Bush for even more uproar and a racket.” And how high is their jungle camp-Gage is? To Closer writes: “so Far, you got according to his own statement EUR 2,500 per appearance. Since RTL could now hang loose a Zero….”

Annemarie Eilfeld stresses on your Facebook profile, that you “don’t” will definitely move into the jungle camp in 2019: “The stands since years for me to debate and also, when I turn on from time to time, like, ‘I want to be a jungle camp candidate, and have expressed nothing of the kind.”

for This purpose, but you should know: According to the RTL contracts, all candidates are bound to absolute secrecy. Only in January the Cologne-based broadcaster will officially announce who is participating in the current season part. My goodness, that would be awkward if Annemarie Eilfeld would then announce their participation…

+ Annemarie Eilfeld (28) to be a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019.© picture alliance / George Wendt/d / Georg Wendt report: Daniela Büchner moves into the jungle camp, 2019

Update: the jungle camp without Daniela Büchner? After the death of her husband Jens Büchner’s completely unclear whether you are in the new season of “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!” and wants to. Image-Reporter Ingo Cheap writes: “Actually, she has been so looking forward to the participation in the jungle show. She is in the Cast of ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!‘, however, it should be expected under these circumstances, hardly, with a participation. As now, let’s say, good friend, I would advise you however, to do so. Take the money, you and your children, you will need it. And this time there will be nobody who takes you to the evil.“

Daniela Büchner was traded in the media as a possible candidate for the jungle camp in 2019. As Closer reported to Danni Buchner, indeed, in the Australian Bush. It would be her first appearance in a Reality TV Format without a husband, Jens. The 40-Year-old tinder can bring in a Reality-TV Format showed in the “summer home of the Stars” in 2018. She and her husband “malls”-Jens Büchner (it was 2017 in the jungle camp) on pretty much all of the other participants. The mood swung so high that husband Jens conceded almost beating. In terms of creep-factor Danni Büchner could be the new Helena Prince and like its predecessor, get a subscription to the jungle-tests.

Danni Buchner was asked in an Instagram Story already, if you could imagine a participation in the jungle camp. Your answer: “I never thought about it”. Garnished with a Smiley face. A denial sounds different.

According to the Closer to get to than the jungle camp candidate, a fee of 45,000 euros. For subsequent participation in the case of “The perfect celebrity Dinner” to receive an additional 8,000 euros. And who pays for the animals in the jungle, a compensation, if Danni Büchner draws in the Bush?

+ Always a ruckus brushed: Daniela Büchner to move into the jungle camp in 2019.© MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer, all candidates for the jungle camp in 2019 at a Glance: Bastian Yotta Tommi Piper Daniela Buchner, Annemarie Eilfeld Domenico de Cicco Gisele Oppermann Sibylle Rauch Evelyn Burdecki Emilija Mihailova jungle camp In 2019 – The candidates in the video also pulls Gisele Oppermann into the jungle camp in 2019?

And, once again, a former GNTM candidate to move into the jungle camp. 2018 Transgender Model Giuliana Farfalla in Australia. As Closer reported, Gisele Oppermann (29) to be a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019.

Who no longer remembers Gisele: she made it in 2008 and own, with countless tears, bursts of talk. Whether it is the other candidates, criticism of the Jury or the living situation: There was practically nothing that is not brought Gisele to Cry. In the end, they reached at least the sixth place. After their time in Greece, the half-Brazilian campaigned for the intimate scent “Vulva Original”. After all: Gisele could be in the jungle camp, 2019 for any amount of Drama.

To write their jungle camp-Gage Closer: “For a smaller five-figure amount you should have brought you now back out of the woodwork.”

+ Gisele Oppermann to move into the jungle camp in 2019.© picture alliance / dpa / Kay-Helge hercher Emilija Mihailova: Only in Naked Show, then a candidate at the jungle camp in 2019?

Na, the of Dieter Bohlen, but recognized early on: As Emilija Mihailova (29) in the case of American idol in 2018 began, before he threw her, they take part only to distinguish himself for other TV formats. You to fell, especially with the skimpy Outfits, less with a great voice. About this American idol-a recipe for success you can share in the jungle camp in 2019 with Annemarie Eilfeld.

Dieter Bohlen was Emilija: “You wanted to be known. The did you reach. I’m sure that more and more people of TV-formats are going to call you, to want you for the jungle and the devil knows what, as a spectator, to see you here.“ Bohlen was an early departure from American idol, which is what happened in the first Motto Show. But he also said: “I think we’ll be hearing from you a lot and see”

and lo And behold: In November, Emilija Mihailova candidate for the “Adam seeks eve” in 2018. After TV-Germany has seen it on RTL in the Nude, can you swallow in January in the jungle camp in 2019, animal testicles and eat and cum by Bush-dwellers. Sounds like a great TV career. To write their jungle camp-Gage Closer nothing.

More info about Emilija Mihailova and why you could be in the jungle camp in 2019, for the necessary erotic tension, we have summarized here for you.

+ Emilija Mihailova to be a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019.© MG RTL DSibylle smoke: a candidate for the jungle camp, 2019

drag of the 80s, the erotic star, Sibylle Rauch as a candidate into the jungle camp in 2019. The the in RTL formats are notoriously well-informed newspaper Bild has reported at least.

The 58-Year-old many will remember from the ‘ 80s cult film series, “ice cream on a stick.” The former erotic actress is to cash in, according to the image of a six-digit sum for their participation.

Sibylle Rauch was in three Parts (and in a Spin-Off) of the “Popsicle”. Starting in 1987, the native of Munich was (actually: to see Erika Roswitha Rauch) in some Hardcore films. Your cocaine addiction and a suicide attempt left her film career in the late 1990s to a Standstill. In 2006, the smoke worked briefly for a brothel in Klagenfurt, Austria, in the following years, she worked as a call girl.

Sibylle Rauch was already in existence for the jungle camp 2013 an offer. “At that time, her health not to be allowed to state this but,” says the image.

+ Sibylle Rauch in 2005 (here together with Dolly Buster, in a Munich adult video store).© dpa/dpaweb / A 3608 Oliver Weiken

the end of the 2017 smoke-the image confessed: “I have verkokst half my life and messed up!” By the end of 2016 Sibylle Rauch met at the low point of your life (“I was desperate, almost toothless, and homeless, in“) your new love Alex. “He is the love of my life – my bussibaer. He brought me out of it, me new teeth and Breasts paid.“

a few months Ago, she reported the picture that you have your life back under control: “now I do a lot of sports, go twice a week to run and do Gymnastics.” Finally, she was back in Form, told Sibylle Rauch: “”I got my dream measurements: 93-60-90. Through Sport and healthy eating I have put on muscle and weight. Instead of 46, I weigh 55 kilos.“

If you knew as from the jungle camp in 2019? Sibylle Rauch is not the first former porn Star in “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” Also, Dolly Buster, Michaela Schaffrath (aka Gina Wild) and Melanie Müller in front of their appearances in the jungle camp in adult films.

Domenico de Cicco: Bachelorette-contestant in the jungle camp, 2019

Further, the picture reported that Domenico de Cicco (35) as a candidate to stand. He was only a few months ago, in the RTL-dome show “Bachelor in Paradise”. RTL has not commented on this jungle camp-the message of the image, as usual: “We are involved in speculation.” Just before the departure to Australia in January, the candidate of the current season of “I’m the Cologne station, a Star known to Get me out of here!” officially.

+ Domenicio de Cicco will also move into the jungle camp in 2019.© RTL / Arya Shirazi

In the dome Show, he and Evelyn Burdecki was a Few. A few weeks after the Finale Evelyn Doemnico but – via RTL. The reason: she had to know that another woman is expecting a child of Domenico and accused him to have betrayed them.

Domenico not denied the paternity, but stressed to have Evelyn not cheated. Nevertheless, there has been no reconciliation of the two. And now guess, who will also move into the jungle camp in 2019… caution: drum roll!

Evelyn Burdecki item is a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019

Tadaa! As Closer reported to be Evelyn Burdecki (30), a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019. No, there’ll be a reunion with your Ex Domenico de Cicco. This has never happened before in the history of the RTL-Show. We may experience the bitter accusations, insults and tears? Or the great reconciliation between Evelyn and Domenico’s coming in the jungle camp? The producers of the Show can congratulate to this commitment, truly..

how do you know Evelyn Burdecki? The only Reality TV formats. She was already a candidate for “The Bachelor”, “celebrity Big Brother” and – as already mentioned – in the case of “Bachelor in Paradise”.

To your Gage writes Closer: “For the participation at the jungle camp, you can expect a minimum of 30,000 euros.

+ Evelyn Burdecki to be a candidate at the jungle camp, 2019.© MG RTL D / Arya ShiraziDschungelcamp 2019: Is the JS in the theme-cult candidate Klaudia ‘with K’ Giez?

a new Name of a possible jungle camp-resident has been bandied around in the media. There are rumors Klaudia ‘with K’ Giez, the cult of a candidate for “Germany’s next Topmodel” in this year. Klaudia is a photo published in your Story. To see the question from a fan was: “are you Going into the jungle camp?” Klaudias answer: A grinning Smiley. And also in Instagram she posted the question: “Why do so many of you, I’m going to the jungle camp?” A denial looks different.

View this post on Instagram

It was so cool yesterday at the @glowcon today, I’m back and you can meet me at the meet & greet ! I’m curious who I’m going to see anything Until later !❤ @roks_iiii #glowcon #happy #fun #berlin

A post shared by Klaudiamitk (@klaudiagiez) on Oct 28, 2018 at 2:19am PDT

Otto Waalkes want to go to the jungle camp: How RTL

Otto Waalkes surprised with a statement to the jungle camp at RTL in an Interview. “If I were to go into the jungle camp? Of course, but it hasn’t asked me yet,” he said to the magazine Hörzu. A truly astonishing confession from the German star comedian.

occasion of a few months past Interviews was the publication of his biography “the cerebellum at all”. In an interview with the magazine, he clarified: “If a sincere offer would be, how could I refuse?“ It is Otto Waalkes would be “a great honour to be invited”. In addition, one should not underestimate the audience of the jungle camps. “Let’s see, if I could amuse an intellectual audience,” said Waalkes.

jungle camp, 2019: RTL manifests itself to the request of Otto Waalkes

RTL has expressed to Otto Waalkes jungle plans. “On the topic of IBES-candidates, we will not comment in advance of the Show,” said an RTL spokesman of a request by The West.

Only this week, Otto Waalkes received the Federal cross of merit by Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Recently announced is RTL-moderator Sonja Zietlow that all the participants are available for the jungle camp ready.

jungle camp, 2019 in the case of RTL: Now all the “IBES”-candidate

RTL has apparently signed all the contracts with the candidates for the jungle camp in 2019. According to a Facebook Posting from the jungle camp-moderator Sonja Zietlow.

On Monday, the station suspended them aware to do with which candidates in the next jungle camp season.

On your Facebook Account, Sonja Zietlow wrote: “Today, it will be exciting…. uiuiui…. I’m actually going to learn today, who will grace us in the jungle in January, so everything… fingers crossed that we get good performers and characters. But I can tell you nothing. I’ll tell you the same!“

candidates for the jungle camp, 2019

stand firm Even if Sonja Zietlow highlights your Confidentiality obligation: We must, therefore, assume that the first names of the candidates for the jungle camp 2019 popping up in the media. In the past few years, it was always in terms of RTL’s Shows are notoriously well-informed newspaper Bild, announced the candidates. And with an extremely high hit rate, such as in January always shows when the Cologne-based private channel reported, the participants officially.

jungle camp, 2019: the candidates are not yet public

Only shortly before the departure to Australia’s RTL reveals which candidates are in the current jungle camp season. Until then, all the media get to ask to possible candidates the same answer: “How not to participate in speculation.”

jungle camp, 2019: These rumors about the candidates, there is already

jungle camp-Fans have to wait a bit until the new season of the RTL Reality Show “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” There are some piquant candidate rumors, the sweeten us the waiting time up to the jungle camp, 2019 circulating. The jungle camp 2018 disappointed the Fans with 12 of the boring candidates. It will be in spite of poor odds is a new season confirmed RTL already. This will be broadcast as usual in January, live from Australia. It creates the RTL to attract exciting candidates in the jungle camp in 2019 than in the previous year?

+ Otto Waalkes is considered to be the hot candidate for the jungle camp in 2019.© Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

A very prominent application for the battle for the jungle crown is to be received according to the magazine HÖRZU: comedian Otto Waalkes and would like to move into the next season in the jungle, but I have yet to receive any invitation from RTL. “If a genuine offer came along, how could I refuse? It would be a great honor to be invited,“ says the 70-Year-old. However, one can not take is known to all the Expressions of the Comedians at face value. Probably is the jungle camp-application only to a Gag.

jungle camp, 2019, perhaps, with Ex-footballer?

Known to include Ex-footballer of the inventory of the jungle inhabitants. It is possible that in the jungle camp in 2019, the former B undesliga striker Jürgen Wegman n (54) became the successor of Thorsten Legat and Eike Immel. Already two years ago, he told sport Bild that he could imagine in the jungle. With his famous saying “I am more poisonous than the most poisonous snake”, and his nickname, “Cobra”, he would in any case predestined. And financially, Jürgen Wegmann, who used to play at FC Bayern, BVB and Schalke could use, the jungle camp. He is now the life of a disability pension.

for Sure is that RTL like every year, will again send a semi-famous TV star from the usual Reality formats like Deutschland sucht den Superstar, and Germany‘s next Topmodel in the jungle.

Vaness may as a candidate in the jungle camp in 2019?

sounds That an a-is trading celebrity like Vanessa may as a candidate for the jungle camp in 2019, of course, as a joke. Your career is going too well, so one would think that they would have to do in the Australian Bush. Actually, the blow, the Princess was asked in an Interview with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, whether they could imagine a participation in the jungle camp. Your – little-surprising – answer: “Clear no. I don’t know what I should do.“ In 2019 we will not see Vanessa may definitely in the jungle camp. This forecast you can make without any concerns.

This candidate would be popular: Calmund in the jungle camp in 2019?

And then there’s Reiner Calmund, former Manager of Bundesliga side Bayer 04 Leverkusen. As he revealed in 2017 in the earlier VOX-show “Grill the Henssler”, gave it to the interest, to get him into the jungle camp. Undoubtedly, Calli would be a highly sympathetic candidate. He would be a participation by his own admission not entirely averse to. Only: the health of The pfundigen XXL-man is a feeder into the jungle camp in the way.

There was in the past, some participants had to leave the Camp for health reasons: Helmut Berger, Gunter Gabriel, Rolf Zacher, Giulia Siegel and Lisa Bund. That is why we will not see Reiner Calmund 2019 safe as a candidate.

jungle camp, 2019 has to be fixed without this pop star to take place

Long before the candidates for the jungle camp in 2019, already the first cancellation. Fans of Tony Marshall can look forward to, unfortunately, but to a participation of the 80-Year-old, as the picture said.

Although Tony Marshall would have liked it and have scheduled the Gage of approximately 300,000 Euro for his Foundation – but tell him to be a doctor to the exhausting trip. The singer is a heart suffer, make him the long flight to Australia impossible weakness.

+ It would be like to have been there – because of his heart condition, Tony Marshal had to cancel, however, the jungle camp, 2019.© Uli Deck/dpaDschungelcamp 2019: Dagmar Frederic has to participate to participate in twice

rejected The German singer, dancer and presenter Dagmar Frederic, the has recently with your criticism of Thomas Gottschalk for riot, has apparently already received the offer twice, the RTL jungle camp. “But the questioning. I let my Image that I’ve built in 54 years, not broken,” said Frederic in the picture-Interview and added: “Besides, I don’t eat bugs.”

an Additional incentive for candidates in the jungle camp, 2019

Potential candidates of the jungle camps in 2019 is promised a lucrative new RTL: Among other things, the successor of the jungle Queen of 2018 Jenny Frank Hauser is to get in the coming season for the first Time a winning amount of 250,000 Euro, Bild reports.

The official confirmation of RTL is yet to be established. Apparently, a win bonus but it is sorely needed: It will make this year extremely difficult to find candidates for the jungle camp, so the online portal.


RTL starts at the beginning of November a new TV Show. The Moderator is only a young 25 years old.

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