Alonzo “Fonny” Hunt (Stephan James) and Tish Rivers (KiKi Layne), since children’s times inseparable

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in 1964, was adopted in the United States, the Civil Rights Act, which declared racial segregation in public facilities illegal. In the same year, the afro-American human rights activist Martin Luther King for his efforts was awarded the Nobel peace prize awarded. Both great achievements in the paper. For the first time in its young history, it seemed so, as the “Land of the Free and home of the Brave gained” his high-flown name. However, films such as “Beale Street” (cinema start: 7. March) keep us so urgently necessary, that the a long time later, and was not and still is not.

A fateful love

Harlem, 70s: Alonzo “Fonny” Hunt (Stephan James, “Selma”) and Tish Rivers (KiKi Layne) know already your entire, life. And also, if you knew it until much later, they felt always: We are meant for each other. What bothered by the fact that his interreligious family eyeing your tender love with suspicion, from a poor family originates and still not know exactly what the future holds in addition to the other ready? Not worried about money or family disputes turn out to be the biggest Problem of your happiness, but the most banal and at the same time most frustrating aspect: the color of your skin.

Although he can commit the offence impossible, is inserted Fonny because of the rape of a woman from Puerto Rico to prison. Their testimony was formed under the massive influence of a white police officer, Tish and your family safe. However, to prove this not only costs a lot of strength and Elbow, but also money. What’s not stopping you, but, of course, of the unequal struggle – especially since Tish is pregnant and your child has to grow up without Fonny. Besides, as her father, Joseph (Colman Domingo) at a point of purpose, is optimistic: “We had our entire life never money – why should we now Worry about that?”

happiness is a butterfly blow away

more Innocent than between Fonny and Tish could not be love. Director Barry Jenkins staged their relationship on the one hand, with subtle, shy Look, on the other hand, with crystal clear demonstrations of Love: “I’ll never hurt you,” promises the 22-year-old Fonny of his Tish, just before you sleep for the first Time. Contrary to many a lovesick young whippersnapper who wants to get his flame to bed, he says it but seriously. The feel Tish, the viewer can feel.

section. Their inextricable link now separates something: the glass in the visiting room of the prison, in the Fonny suddenly. There he learns to be in about half a year father – and breaks out in spite of his predicament in joyful laughter. God will not allow any of his family happiness is destroyed so unfairly, he is sure. Only a little later find that the ways of The Lord are inscrutable.

Ensemble convinced, almost without exception

The performances of Fonny-actor Stephan James and KiKi Layne (Tish) can not be emphasised enough. Director Jenkins moves sometimes a full screen image of your faces in the center, in which you can read from initial optimism to desperation, each Emotion believable that a human being is capable of. A hearty Laugh between the two creeps in even in the darkest of hours, again and again, as it is sometimes simply necessary, if a decays around everything.

Also, the viewer can understand in retrospect why actress Regina King, the Tishs mother Sharon plays, about two weeks before the German theatrical release of the Oscar as “Best supporting actress”. Your character is fighting on fronts where it can’t your daughter in Puerto Rico to talk with the father of the rape victim (short but great “Game of Thrones”Star Pedro Pascal played). Alone, for whose heart the call to a Restaurant, tear-table has earned King her Oscar.

to oversubscribed Much Fonnys act, meanwhile, relatives, especially his mother and his two sisters. Their contemptible religious bigotry is such with the crowbar, that the spectators sympathizes smooth with Fonnys father, as the missed his wife a violent blow. And that, Mr Jenkins. So sensitive, he presents the love, so plump religion is criticism – and by.

Still relevant social criticism

Better he’s doing it for social criticism. Fonny and Tish are living in a time in which you view it as a sad but normal everyday life, to be discriminated against. Whereby the will you driving the wrong even more serious. “Where’s the hook?”, Fonny is surprised, as he and Tish after months of searching, getting the Supplement on a hovel of an apartment. That there is no, can you believe the first, and shout a little later in front of luck. To not understand the outrage of the reprehensible power of the “Beale Street,” a Film with a strong statement, but the exuberant joy of the Self.


“Beale Street” is a successful filmmaker Barry Jenkins for “Moonlight” is another Film, the performers can score in addition to its main especially with his production. Quite, he is not but then to the Oscar winner (Best Film) by 2017. He oversubscribed a subtle Film-some of the characters too much.