no one has sung about the battle of the knights as wild as the warrior and Troubadour Bertran de Born. Transmitted in prose, it reads: “When he goes off to fight, thinks every man of good family to nothing but columns, as heads and arms cut off. It is better to die than to live in defeat. I say to you, I find so much taste in the food or Drink, or Sleep, as when I hear the cry of ‘attack’ from all sides. And the noise of horses without a rider in the shadow. Then I hear cries of ‘help! To Help!’ And I see Large and Small, as they plunge equally in the trenches. And the dead with splintering lances, decorated with pennants, in its pages drilled.”

Bertran de Born, a Baron from Occitania, has certainly been one of the hardest and most vigorous men of his time, dropped out of the war and the love of little bit of apply, but you see: life as a knight was not a bed of roses.

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This desert mess is a tournament fight.


Heavy armor, helmets, swords, Axes – a knight had to be fit to continue in the struggle. While in Hollywood films cars pierce is usually a ritualistic spear awarded the Fight will be shown, even on tournaments, desolate and realistic. As groups of knights fought often against each other, to horse or on foot until a group of no man could stand.

Strong physical strain of the knight

it was not Easy. Alone, the armor weighed came about 30 kilograms, and the chain shirt with 10 kilograms. The weight of the shield, sword, dagger, Mace and other equipment. With a load of more than 50 kilograms had to can the fighters quickly and vigorously move. Also the battles were not interrupted as it is today in the martial arts of around the breaks. Add to that the physical burden due to the inserted or the power of the blows. The armor prevented that the blade penetrates into the body. The pure force of an axe or heavy thiebes not suffered the fighter on a hit from all when he jumped behänd aside.

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In the crush of a battle could be crushed slightly, or a heat stroke die – physical Fitness was essential. Not to you was wrong in the middle ages, the view that one should learn to Master of horse and arms as a child. Of some of the knights is known, as you prepare for your fights: you completed a workout like today’s athletes.

professional athletes with weapons

Jean Froissart described it as Jean le Maingre (1366-1421) for the fight prepared. The knight was under the name Boucicaut known and feared. He was regarded as a model of knightly virtue. Boucicaut was known for his rigorous Training – always in armor, so he could carry her weight and the restrictions of movement by the tanks got used to. His biographer described his Training:

“And he began to test himself by jumping onto his horse in full armor. To be delivered at other times or he wandered a long way to walk, to exercise. So he could not came out of breath, and long efforts to endure. To hit that, other times he long time with an axe or a heavy war hammer, the armor is good. His arms and hands for a long time holding the punches and he trained his arms to be movable to lift.

In this way, he trained so well that you could then find no other Lord in the same physical condition. He could do a somersault in his armor except the helmet and danced dressed in his chain shirt …..”


women and Foreign – the multi-cultural war families of the middle ages

Gernot Kramper

In his first battle Boucicaut fought as a child. Great fame he achieved in the year 1390. At the time, he teamed up with two fellow knights. The Trio asked each of the fighters of Christendom, against. For 30 days, the three sub-Boucicauts leadership fought against the best knights of Europe, and remained the winner.

Salto in armor

for more quite fancy workouts are Handed down. In full armor, Boucicaut turned between two walls that were so close together that he could climb in between them and up, when he jammed in between the walls. In order to strengthen the power of the body, selected by the knights ‘ heavy boulders, which he tore from the ground up and then, as far as possible threw. His strength increased by at every opportunity on the walls, floor, or table hit. The arms he, he, leaning against a ladder inclined to a tree strengthened. Then he stood under the ladder, grabbing the rungs above his head and rung for rung moved in the height – in full armor, of course.

This Training served to not only fight in the war. The tournaments of the time produced a caste of professional sports. The victors in the fight, not only great honour, but also handsome rewards waved. Above all, however, belonged to the winner of the armor and horse of the Defeated. So a strong fighter in a tournament and was able to gain great wealth.

Not all of the knights were experienced fighters. The Ideals of chivalry, however, had to submit to any feudal Lord. Also unathletic and clumsy barons needed to prove their courage and the barriers of a tournament. Your chances were, of course, very bad, if you met Boucicaut and his ilk. That was about the same as today would a Manager meeting from time to time a little Box Training, to the champion of the world.

Empire by the tournament fights


immigration brutal – 4500 years ago, every man in Spain

killed of the most dangerous fighters William Marshal was known as Guillaume le Maréchal (1144-1219), regarded as one of the greatest knights of his time. Of him by his medieval biographer reported that he was taken as a young man in the Morning as a “poor man” in a tournament. When The Sunhe had captured four steeds and the appropriate armor and equipment.

Guillaume was a rich man, because war horses and armor were extremely expensive. The other knight, “treated him much more polite than before.” At the end of his life, Guillaume was defeated over 500 knights and a fortune.


Thomas Asbridge – The greatest of all the knights: and the world of the middle ages.

Froissart, Jean, Vol. 3 1812. Les chroniques de Sire Jean Froissart

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