Jennifer Lopez wants to talk in “Manhattan Queen” as a Mayan high

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In recent years, Jennifer Lopez (49, “Limitless”) made more of their music, their hot Red-Carpet appearances, and her Las Vegas Show, as well as their relationship to the former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez (43). As an actress, she was seen on the small screen, as in the series “Shades of Blue”. 17. January returns in this country with “Manhattan Queen” to the big screen. A visit to their cinema comeback worth it?

dream Big

Maya (Jennifer Lopez) has made it the largest supermarket in the New York city borough of Queens up to the Deputy branch Manager. The chief item you not get. A reasonable graduation is missing. As the tide turns: Without the Knowledge of the son of her best friend Joan (Leah Remini) on polished Mayans CV matching Social Media presence including. Prompt you will receive an invitation to a job interview in Manhattan and is a Marketing consultant with a private office at a cosmetics company. However, as long as you come with your false identity?

The right chemistry

Although Jennifer Lopez was once for a Golden Globe for her Performance in the musical film “Selena – An American dream” (1997) nominated, but your Fans love you more for such films as “Manhattan Love Story” (2002) and “The silent monster” (2005). RomComs and J. Lo – that fits. “Manhattan Queen” may not be a classic RomCom, but a classic feel-good Comedy with heart and Humor. Also, the fits to J. Lo.

What also fits her: The choice of your Co-Stars. “King of Queens”-Star Leah Remini (48) plays her best friend. The two women are private close friends and you notice that as soon as you are in front of the camera. A treat for all the female Fans: Jennifer Lopez’ Film friend embodies Milo Ventimiglia (41). They wanted him for the Part, because life is a Fan of the series “This Is Us”. In this country, he dispatches thanks to “Gilmore Girls” is still enthusiasm. He plays once more as the ideal Partner. And this is again languishing.

“Manhattan Queen” shows how someone without a great school diploma creates. Is for powerful fibbing on a CV, but provides some laughs and funny situations. And as everyone knows: Any dizziness to fly at some point. It is also about the Struggle with life, unfulfilled career – as-life wishes, the Doubt of the own abilities and the satisfaction with the own. Maybe food for thought for so many spectators? A surprising turn of the strip has in store, but the Happy ending should doubt for a Jennifer-Lopez-movie.


With the Story of the “Manhattan Queen” is not reinvented the wheel. A classic feel-good Comedy, a nice pastime with the girls clique. The message is simple and typical of Hollywood to pursue your dreams, fight for what you want, because life is not set in stone, but can change. For all the Fans of J. Lo, the Film is anyway a Must, even if your some of the watches certainly prefer this, as she swings on the stage of your sexy curves.