ProSieben shows in the spring, the Jackson documentary “Leaving Neverland”

©Vicki L. Miller / Shutterstock.com

last Sunday and Monday, the American channel HBO broadcast the documentary “Leaving Neverland”. Therein Wade Robson and James safe Chuck to the late Michael Jackson (1958-2009, “a Thriller before throw”), that he should have sexually abused when they were children. After the sensational Premiere in the United States is now, when the German viewers will be able to see the roughly four-hour documentary, in addition to the men and their friends and families to speak in the TV.

ProSieben has secured the rights and is showing the documentary this spring, as the station is now known. The documentary by Director Dan Reed is on Saturday, 6. In April 2019, in the Prime Time broadcast.

dispute in advance of the US release

“Leaving Neverland” hit in the USA and around the world with high waves. HBO had picked up with the airing in the run-up to even a legal dispute. The estate administrator Jackson, reject the allegations of the two men and demand according to U.S. media reports, in a lawsuit, $ 100 million (about 88 million Euro).

HBO was allowed to according to the administrator of the documentary for a reason, don’t age spread: The transmitter is assured in a Treaty of 1992, to disparage the musicians, neither currently nor in the future. HBO had broadcast footage of Jackson’s world tour, “Dangerous”.