Of insanity crispy prey? Or the characters from “Glass,” but supernatural powers?

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“Glass” from the age of 17. January crystal-clear, cinema entertainment or fragmented Film hopes? Movies of M. Night Shyamalan’s maneuvering between the world class (“The Sixth Sense”) and County League (“The Happening”, “After Earth”). After the 48-could Years of rehabilitate least with “Split”, follows with “Glass” so now not only its continuation but also the continuation of his film “Unbreakable”. Accordingly, there are before the release of the cinema card a lot.

What is it about?

David Dunn (Bruce Willis) tracks every single step of the Crumbs (James McAvoy) the superhuman beings of the beast. The clashes of Hunted and hunters threaten to escalate further and further. At the same time Price (Samuel L. Jackson) seems to be from the Hidden out Elijah the threads of cruel to keep the spectacle in the Hand. In addition, he hides secrets that could be Dunn and Crumb fatal…

what about accessibility?

Both “Unbreakable” and “Split” can be considered independently. Who is not familiar with both films, is sitting in the “Glass” but hopelessly lost in the cinema chair. Not surprisingly, East rail 177″-trilogy is the Finale of Shyamalans “so necessarily before the other two movies to catch up on, or the memory refresh.

not Everyone is destined to have at the ready, why the series was called “East rail 177″trilogy, is it? This is the derailed train in “Unbreakable”, started the hero’s journey by David Dunn, alias Bruce Willis in the first place. And also the villain from “Split” is directly connected with the accident.

unlike his two predecessors of Glass “” so far, almost exclusively negative reviews from critics and US viewers. To intellectual, pseudo-profound and long-winded the Film failed. The old Shyamalan-crux. Who is hoping for a superhero masterpiece, will probably be disappointed. But those who seek such entertainment away from the Marvel – and DC-einheitsb rice, could yet come to its cost. And also if you feel like James McAvoy in complete mood of the player as a man with multiple personality disorder, is well supplied.

Was it now?

To “Unbreakable”-the universe is going to “Glass”. The Director revealed recently in an Interview with the page “Vulture”. Therefore, a Sequel to “Glass” for him “not interesting”. He’s looking for with new projects always in part the danger and was not given a fourth part of the “East rail 177”-set in his eyes. It is apparently a trilogy. Or Shyamalan is preparing the Interview, not just another one of his infamous Twists?

“Glass” starts on the 17. January in the German cinemas and received by the FSK (like its two predecessors) a release from 16 years of age.