In the future, you need to bring only a Smartphone with the Date. There, you start an App and the AI analyzed the Meeting. During the second Drinks part of the Cupid from the Cloud, whether it sparks between the two of you “” and whether the relationship has a future or not.

Depending on your point of view, this is a frightening or lightening Vision. We are not there yet, but already researchers are working on such programs, the mystery of love and relationship on the track.

Accurate analysis replaced Intuition

The idea is always similar. The programs analyze meticulously the behavior – much more accurate and concentrated than a human could. The patterns you identify in the process, reveal more about us than we know ourselves.

Five simple rules

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At the University of Southern California, one tries to elicit the voice information to be hidden. The voice is a mirror of the soul, the it is believed and it’s – amazingly – is absolutely correct. Our voice reveals our inner motives and emotions – sometimes even more than we know ourselves. Pauses, hems, patterns of accents, all of this and much more is the voice in addition to transported over the actual “Text”.

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In happy and, above all, in less happy relationships, the language, the thing that is really treacherous, even if the words say something else. Unfortunately, we are at a loss to decipher this secret Code actually. Even professional therapists can step out onto the ice.

data beyond the perception of

Now has developed a Software, the this find buried information from our speech. For a study of the conversations of 134 married couples with problems in their relationship were observed for two years. Then the recordings of therapists and an algorithm were analyzed.

The program can conversations much more accurately than a human. The Software the smallest Nuance. Even when the data is beyond of the human perception of complex mathematical patterns. The Software is just the beginning: Visual information such as facial Expressions were not evaluated, the content of the talks was not taken into account.

Good performance in the first Test

“With the help of many data we can find patterns that are for human eyes and ears can be elusive,” says study leader Shri Narayananvon from the University of Southern California.

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in this first run, the algorithm was able to say to 79.3 percent correctly predicted whether the couples would stay together or not. The trained and experienced therapists that could be taken into account for their prediction, the facial Expressions, body language and content of the discussions, and achieved an accuracy of 75.6 percent.

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The self-learning AI will be able to provide in the future more and better results, the more data you can analyze. Another jump would be possible, it should be possible to analyze the facial Expressions of the couples by face recognition. “People are good at it, to decipher a lot of information,” explains Narayanan. “But we can’t process all aspects of the available information.”

Know when there is a dispute

nightmare wedding

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Theodora Chaspari, an engineer at the Texas A&M University, has been working for years in a “relationship tracker”. The thing looks like a normal fitness tracker. The Sensor measures sweat and heart rate. To do this, he analysed the votes. Added to this is a simple language identifier that can detect positive or negative words. In the data-conflict situations are detected. The goal is to identify patterns, the impending conflict to announce. Is that supposed to help couples in difficult relationships, to recognize an impending dispute at an early stage, in order to counter them accordingly. Both partners have to wear a Tracker to notice the Sensors if both partners have a stressful day and even with a conflict-ridden mood to come home and to have appropriate warning signs.

Software knows the most hidden mechanisms

This type of Sensors have a huge advantage. Unlike a therapist, you will accompany the people seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and not just an hour once a week. You could support couples in their natural life and would not be limited to the special situation of the “therapy room”. The disadvantage lies in the areas of “privacy” and “privacy”. Analyses based on a self-improving AI will need huge amounts of data. In this case, Countless couples would have to leave the programs in their most intimate moments. This behavior will be discovered patterns that make it possible to decode the behavior completely predict.

abuse is inevitable.


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