The company Roomba iRobot leads technically to the topic of robot vacuum, always in the fierce fight with the models from Neato or Vorwerk. The California-based company Neato is now part of the traditional German brand Vorwerk.

In the fast-moving market of smart vacuum has Roomba for almost three years time to renew the Top model. We have tested the new super sucker now extensively.

The short version: We are thrilled. The budget is also without the new test device is supplied with the robots. A level of the old Top vacuum cleaner from iRobot, the 980 sucks, the other is a brand-new Botvac D7 Connected by Neato.

The new i/7+ is a class for the

Central to improve the large base station, where the vacuum cleaner docks. Here the machine is not fueled only with electricity, the Station sucks with an engine of its own, the collected dirt into a larger collection container with the dust bag.

robot vacuum: iRobot i7+ promises – no dirty hands when Emptying Fullscreen

Actually, should not run the robot, if one is in the house.

©Roomba manufacturer

Here is iRobot meets the customer’s requirements. Also we have criticized in conversation with the Roomba-in-chief Colin Angle, Emptying the small dust bin in the vacuum cleaner a dirty and disgusting matter, especially if the hair of the dog fill the container every day.


change In the test household, in everyday cleaning for about 14 days until the bag is full. But here, large areas can be processed with carpets, and plenty of dog hair and Dirt that is carried by the patio doors from the garden into the apartment. According to our estimates, the pouch needs to be changed in an apartment without a dog a maximum of once a month. The compartment with the pouch is located approximately at knee-height, as a result, the Station in space is very present, but you can change the bag with a simple hand movement, without the knees sliding around. Just for older people is a relief.

The base station sucks up the robot force full empty, it makes a noise like a Turbine, it keeps the robot itself, but also very clean. Otherwise, such devices want to be sucked more frequently then brushed in and out. The “Clean Base-Automatic Dirt Disposal Unit” costs but also the 300 euros extra. Without the Unit, there are the i7 for 899 Euro.

The money for the Station is well laid out. Otherwise you have to empty every other day of the robot itself, and is always connected by that comes with the fingers with dust and dirt in contact. Also Allergy sufferers will appreciate the Station. The philosophy of iRobot, the device is once set up, but then without human Intervention and unnoticed in his service. Only once in a month, the bag switch, comes already very close.

iRobot i/7+ remained never get stuck

The next point: How often is the robot to get stuck? That depends on how smart the robots are and how demanding the establishment. Our test budget is one of the challenging tasks. As a dog toy, and a power cable lying on the floor. Vases and sculptures in the corners, and the layout is not so complicated that visitors sometimes find the output.

so Far, the i7+ is not a single Time in a cul-de-SAC of danger. We have never experienced. In addition, the robot acts with caution and go gentle with the device. He’s not going in a bottleneck and not have to liberate themselves, therefore, with wild maneuvers from a terminal. Added to this is another bonus point. Unlike the 980 from the same manufacturer, the new device is finished with long-pile carpets (Shaggy, 3.5 cm pile), and soaks it up without complaint.

To the dirt on the iRobot uses rollers two counter-rotating rubber. The new Generation is more robust than the rollers of the predecessor. These could be strangled by long hair and threads and cut. The brush system of the Neato/Vorwerk brushes from carpets and rugs, so our impression of more hair and fibers than the rubber rollers of the iRobots. However, the downside is that the brush hair can pollute very quickly. The Dirt you have to abrupfen then with hand work.

battery pack must reload

the Only drawback of the i7+ Cleaning: The battery should be a little stronger. Without the boost of the i7+ creates about 60 square meters of cleaning area, if he “is not required to vacuum exhausting” carpets. 60 square meters of cleaning area, corresponding to about 75 square meters of living space. In a larger house, the machine needs to recoup in between. The time for a total cleaning is extended by Charging enormous. Once while shopping-being completely Sucking does not work. For professionals, this is of course not decisive.

In the case of Software, the new Roomba has also made progress. Now the device can make the maps-floor plans of up to ten apartments and save. This is for all owners of a multi-storey house is a great relief, because each floor requires a separate card.

Advanced Software

The maps can be edited with restricted zones, which is not sucked. In the current Version this is something hakeliger, than the Neato, the Problem should be fixed in a Software Update. In addition, each room can receive a name. These names make the control with Alexa and the Google wizard is easier, because the owner can now just say “Hey Google, suction the kitchen”, and the i/7+ white, which space is meant. At the same time you can’t keep the robot permanently from the nursery, so he wegsaugt the LEGO collection.

By Software, many shenanigans are possible. So the device can suck every day, kitchen and hallway, the bedrooms but only on Thursday. We do not use these Features. In everyday life, this crafty robot needed to open doors because he can’t get admission. The door to the bathroom or a bedroom is closed, is not sucked.


With the extraction station, the cost of i/7+ 1199 Euro. Three bags cost 20 Euro. However, his skills are worth the money. The device never stays put and is very gentle with the device. Unique the comfort of the base station.

If you do not want to spend so much money or on the manual emptying of the robot does not interfere, you should see the flagship model of Neato. Departure from the Station of the Botvac D7 Connected is not noticeably worse than the i – /7+. And the Botvac you can get for under 600 Euro including a good warranty of five years.

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Botvac D7 Connected – The new Generation of vacuum robots is smarter and sucks better

In the case of suction robots there is a new flagship on the market. The D7 Connected has an App with restricted zones function, in addition, he sucks much better than his predecessor: At your request he even goes with the furniture.

Gernot Kramper