more and more elderly people go to network and promote the use of the Internet in Germany. Like the D21 Initiative announced on Tuesday in Berlin, meanwhile, 84 percent of the population in Germany online.

The increase compared to the previous year by three per cent, but mainly due to the growing proliferation of mobile access, the Digital-to-Index-2018/2019 of the Initiative. Mobile are, therefore, 68 percent of the people in the network on-the-go, this is an increase of 4 percentage points.

As evidenced by the opinion research Institute Kantar TNS study, the older generations have a decisive share in the gains. Accordingly, 79 percent of 60 – to 69-Year-olds and 45 percent of the more than 70 today-Year-old online. The group of the digital Away, so people who use your network connection hardly or not at all, shrank by four percentage points to 21 percent. This, however, are still 13 million people. Completely offline 16 percent.

more and more people to were sovereign, with digitisation and technological progress, said Hannes Schwaderer, President of the Initiative D21. The basics were, however, distributed differently. “There will be more incentives need to be created, that the digitization level, to the people with lower education and the rural regions will pass.” This could be likely in the schools must also consistently in professional life. “Especially in politics, but also employers are asked and the employer.”

In the geographical distribution is in the General use of the Internet, Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Baden-Württemberg, each with 87 per cent at the top, followed by lower Saxony, Berlin, Rhineland-Palatinate, each with 86 percent.