For the people in the capital city of Berlin could be starting next year, a new statutory holiday: a Few days after the Left and the SPD, and also the group of the Greens in the house of representatives with a majority now in favour of action, the International women’s day, 8. To make a March to a work-free public holiday.

On Saturday, the delegates of the green party tags are to decide, a majority is considered to be likely. In order for the new holiday can already be implemented in the coming year, then introduced rapidly, a corresponding request in the house of representatives and be adopted.

The governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) said, the implementation in the coming year is conceivable, even if the time is already scarce. Such a step need a certain lead, such as in schools, day-care centres or in the schedules of public transport operators.

8. March 2019 falls on a Friday. The change should take longer, would be the holiday in the year 2020 to an already work-free Sunday.

The red-red-green governed Berlin is one of the provinces with the least number of public holidays. Currently there are 9, in Bavaria, opposed to 13.