if you want to scroll on a Thursday afternoon in Instagram quickly through the Posts of friends, Acquaintances and Influencers, got a fright. The network had implemented a drastic Update that changed the use of strong: to scroll, Instead of as usual on the Smartphone down, had to have a User tap after each post on the screen to move to the next Post.

Apparently the Whole thing was not planned – at least not yet. Soon Instagram-Chef Adam Mosseri called on Twitter to word and proclaimed that it was a mistake. The Update should be rolled out for a small group of users. “This is supposed to be a very small Test that was Accidentally larger.” The new feature has been withdrawn.

Faulting Update: Malicious comments for Instagram

But since the damage was already done. The Instagram User who had tried the new function, responded to the upset. “This is my Instagram”, commented someone on Twitter, many other Tweets hit in the same notch. Some even proclaimed the end of the network: “Instagram is now ruined,” was a Tweet.

By the side-to-side Scrolling many Users felt the Swipe feature on Tinder – and it didn’t like them at all.

Even after Instagrams roll backwards, there was plenty of malice for the failed Update. Various celebrities joined in. Finally, the network of many celebrities, brisk is used to post pictures and to let their Fans take part in their lives. “The fact that Instagram Update is back, is one of the funniest things I’ve seen lately,” wrote, for example, the former Football player Pat McAffee, and imagined how it would walk given the many nasty comments, especially in the Instagram headquarters.

Until Further notice, Instagram remains as usual – the conversion of the Timeline, however, seems only a matter of time. Marketing experts are speculating that Instagram of them hoped for, yet to be more interesting for advertising customers. Currently most of the User over scroll carelessly about so-called “Sponsored Posts”. If each Post can only be skipped with a Tap, there is an increased attention for the advertising contributions.