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more women for Artificial intelligence, holds the industry-a change of image is necessary. So far, only a few women would apply for Jobs, said the Head of the visual search engine Nyris, Anna Lukasson-Hearted, the German press Agency.

“you connect not a nice working atmosphere with these Jobs.” Many women have prejudices: “Louder strange men sitting in front of many monitors, in the basement, to have Headphones, no one talks, no one laughs,” said Lukasson-Hearted. “There’s not a girl a buck on it. We have to participate to get out and then you also have the desire.”

in Addition, many women do not dare to easy to apply for Jobs around Artificial intelligence. The cause for this lies often in the kindergarten. Necessary in a common social effort, Lukasson-Heartedly demanded. “We must all continue to work, that girl is talking no bullshit.”

The proportion of women in the industry in Germany is, according to the world economic forum (WEF) at 16 percent. The WEF had not mentioned the large gap between men and women in the AI recently as a reason that gender equality progressing in this country.

“It must be the task of all social groups, to reduce this deficit. It starts in school and goes beyond the universities to the enterprises”, – said the head of the Federal Association of Artificial intelligence, Jörg Bienert. The Association urges that computer science is already out of the 3. Class as a compulsory subject in the school, because the interest in technology could already be in the early Childhood aroused.

A quota for the industry, but not an issue. “I think generally speaking, limited to the fact that quotas or forced external measures are a leader,” said the Head of Berlin’s data-analysis Start-ups Anacode, Janna Lipenkova. “Rather you should place in particular in the training, to open up the whole horizon of possibilities, and to give them the necessary self-confidence to reach their full potential.”