The Kardashians from 2019 as a App

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Bad news for all the Fans of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. For the new year, both Kim (38), as well as Khloé (34), Kourtney (39) and Kylie (21) be close of your private Apps and Websites. In a Statement, the each of the four Reality Stars published individually on your account, say goodbye to their Fans. “It was a great experience through our Apps with all of you in the past few years, but we have made the difficult decision to sites 2019 not to continue,” it says. “We very much hope that you have this trip enjoyed just as much as we do, and look to the future.”

For 2015, everyone was able to purchase the App of their respective sister for 2.99 dollars per month. There private photos were released, there were Videos from the daily routine, as well as Beauty tips and information about the diets and Fitness routines of the Reality Stars. In the past year, Kendall Jenner (23) had deleted their App.