Gisele and Bastian toxins according to the jungle test is open to

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The mood in the jungle camp is irritated by the day! On day six of the RTL Show “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” will no longer be able to hide some of the inhabitants of their dislike of one or the other colleagues. As Tommi Piper (77) bursts, for example after a strange night at the camp fire finally the collar. And also Gisele Oppermann (31) finds clear words…

More Details to Domenico and Evelyn

But also the conflict between Domenico de Cicco (35) and Evelyn Burdecki (29) is, of course, in the Australian jungle continues to be a topic, even if not in direct conversation. To Chris Töpperwien (44) pour Domenico, however, once again his heart and explains his view of things. On the question of Chris, if he had loved Evelyn, he explains: “Yes, there was something, definitely, but I can’t say that it was love.” Now he have no contact with: “My girlfriend and I have blocked you everywhere.” She had previously gone with a Fake Account on his page: “Like a Virus!”

escalation by the camp fire

In the “battle of the pensioners” can be experienced, a little later, Tommi Piper as you’ve never seen him before. The loquacious Alf-voice jumps in first, good things for Gisele, who is supposed to guard together with Sibylle Rauch (58) on the night over the camp fire. But somehow the chemistry between the two seems to be wrong at all. After Tommi goes to a point short of his actual sleep, Sibylle afraid that it will have consequences. After all, there are always two celebrities have to guard the fire.

After Sibylle squeal to Chris, the temporary escape from Tommi, by burning the Fuses in full: “The is sick. The is not very tight. I sat there the whole time. Who denounced me.” Later, he adds: “I don’t want to be together.” A few hours later, there is the direct confrontation. In harsh terms he is not to sibyl: “lie! With you it is! Eaten the thing! The end! Until the very end!” The two apparently don’t make good friends…

Gisele attacked Bastian after the Zero-star action

For the second Time in a row, Gisele and Bastian Yotta (42) are allowed to compete for the jungle test, and to get the Chance of your Zero-star fiasco of the previous day to forget. Today, you have to face the “Spülhölle”. On a slide sequentially cow’s urine, fish waste and other disgust to be poured stuff down. From the slide protrude, however, the heads, and in each case a Hand of Bastian and Gisele out to be permitted to fish from the stinking cargo out the hidden stars.

this time Gisele shows your colleagues clear on the boundaries: in Total, you can pick up four-star, Bastian, however, remains completely blank. After the examination of the self-proclaimed jungle-Motivator wants to high-five with his comrade-in-arms heroic, but has Let no Lust: “me! I know that I made the super – and you didn’t brought!” She was upset because Bastian does all the time, always a “big Man”: “You’ve got a big hand and get not even a star!”

But on the way back, he asks Gisele to task: “I got the fucking game anymore, it Sucks.” He had the same soul as all the others, even if he looked big and strong. “I gave 100 percent and I’m shit faced.” Even Chris jumps to his arch-enemy later, and say find Gisele significant words: “You should have, WE have gained four stars. It wasn’t fair, even if I don’t like the Yotta.” This brings Gisele, finally, to rethink: “It was shit, I’m sorry,” admits Gisele purified to Bastian. “Thank you for the apology,” replies the Chided. How long has this castle well?

Gisele again in the exam

May the four stars of Gisele were just a random exception. In the morning on day seven, you get the next Chance and should again compete for the jungle-examination. This time, however, alone again. The viewers are also common…

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