Against Lilly Becker (l.) refinement had Sophia Thomalla (right) and Claude-Oliver Rudolph at the end of no Chance

©TVNOW / Frank Hempel

In the new RTL-Show “Stars in the mirror” has Lilly Becker (42) made comrades-in-arms with their prominent Sophia Thomalla (29) and Claude-Oliver Rudolph (62). From the maximum profit in the amount of EUR 45,000 Becker was tempered by a risky maneuver at the end of the proud 30,000 to clean up and joked good: “I need the money”.

This sum was only possible by bringing Thomalla and Rudolph to their erspieltes money. In the final, the three celebrities had to lay each one face down card – an angel or a devil. In the case of three angels each had) of his winnings greased (Thomalla: 9.000 Euro, Rudolph: 10,000 euros, Becker: 11,000 euros. In the case of the three devils go all out, however, empty. Because Lilly Becker put the devil card, your comrades-in-arms was happy, but each of the angels, at the end of “hell” Becker and dusted off the a total of 30,000 euros.

you speak about your Ex Boris

in Front of your cool Showdown, Lilly Becker had spoken in the Lutz van der Horst (43) and Sonja Zietlow (50) moderated the Show is also about Boris Becker (51). The 42-Year-old, that she herself has moved since the separation is much more in the center: “I had Boris behind me, and now it is What Lilly can do, what you would like to see how she is? And that’s actually a bit exciting.”