New Features to 2019 in WhatsApp for a fresh Wind to worry

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Hardly, but in the meantime, it is already ten years that Jan Koum (43) and Brian Acton (47) on 24. February 2009, your company WhatsApp Inc. founded. Only a short time later they were with your same Messenger world famous. After these first ten years, to be implemented in WhatsApp still new ideas in the App implemented. In this anniversary year, users can expect the following changes…

The 2019 is already happening

The year is nearly two months old, but it already brought some Changes. Since January, only the is, for example, the forwarding of five Chats at the same time possible to complicate spammers life. Since the beginning of February, the devices work on iOS-also in the App is the “Touch ID” and “Face ID” in order to secure content with a fingerprint or face recognition. A similar function is also designed for Android Devices.

services to be linked

Although you want to remain Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp stand-alone Apps, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (34) is planning to unify, however, the technical infrastructure in the Background, and to integrate the different services closer together. The “New York Times” reported in January, citing multiple Insider. The step is expected to be by the end of the year or the beginning of 2020 to be completed.

Dark Mode

Already long since known, that WhatsApp is an eye-friendly Dark to get fashion, the use of which is, for example, particularly at night is useful. So far, however, there is still no exact Info about when it will be.

New feature for group invitations

Some WhatsApp groups can be a pain. In the near future, it should be therefore possible to group, accept invitations automatically. So you should be able to in the future setting, whether invitations of any, will only be accepted from the own contacts, or from anyone automatically. Invitations you receive, this must be confirmed manually.

Soon, there is also advertising

since 2018, it is known that in the Status area of WhatsApp in the future, advertising is to be displayed. When that will happen, however, is not yet known. At that time, however, it was previously reported that 2019 will be sought as the publication period. The had at least one speaker against the US Portal “TechCrunch”.

new features for the Web Version

In the Web Version of WhatsApp will also change a lot. Not too long ago, for example, a picture was published-in-picture function, which can be, among other things, also with Videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. More features are to follow.

share Via WhatsApp

to pay For several months of testing with the payment service WhatsApp Payments run in India. 2019 the service could start in Germany. Zuckerberg announced at the end of January, at least, that the Service “should be introduced in a few other countries”. Whether Germany will be, is currently not known.