2019 is a special year for Carlos Santana

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For Carlos Santana (71) is 2019, a year of anniversaries. Not only that, he celebrates the 50. Anniversary of his Performance at the legendary Woodstock Festival, but also the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking album “Supernatural”. The Album with Santana is the final leap into the Super-Star team made and sold over 30 million Times. No wonder, then, that the musician planned for 2019, a lot. It starts this Friday with the release of the EP “In Search Of Mona Lisa”.

The roughly 30-minute-long “In Search Of Mona Lisa”-EP is a small taste of the new Album, eventually released in the summer, and by no Less than producer-Guru Rick Rubin (55) is shaped. Because the core of the EP, the nearly ten-minute-long Opener “Do You Remember Me”. The Cuban music style Guajira held Track shows Santana in irrepressible mood and combines his distinctive guitar game with danceable Latin rhythms – so everything the 71-Year-old is known.

A spiritual experience with “her”

The other two Tracks, “In Search of Mona Lisa” and “Lovers From Another Time” are just as important, but are worn more by the vocals, by Santana’s virtuoso Licks. The two other Tracks on the EP are safely negligible, as they are only Radio Edits of the first two Songs. So overall, a good appetizer, to shorten the time of the Album. A little anecdote: The title should have the Mona Lisa in person prompting. Once during a visit to the Louvre, and another time in a dream. As Santana described it, at least compared to the “Rolling Stone” of his spiritual experience with the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.

For German Fans there are in the year of Santana’s anniversaries, however, a small fly in the ointment. Until August, the 71-Year-old with his “Supernatural”Album will be on “the Supernatural Now”Tour but no concerts have been announced in Europe so far.