so Far, doubt not, from what sources the personal and also very confidential data, politicians, Celebrities and journalists who have illegally released on the net.

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The attempt of the enlightenment, on and subject terms that describe the technical Background of the attack on privacy. Among other things, “Doxxing”.

The protection of privacy is guaranteed in Germany by the basic law’s guarantee of the right to the free development of the personality, as well as the Postal and telecommunications secret. In the latest Online attack, the offenders to violate this privacy protection and to make as many personal and confidential data of politicians and Celebrities, are often attacked from the right, to the public – it’s called “Doxxing”. The person Concerned should be presented in the network. In addition, the perpetrators want to allow the possibility for abuse of the data.

hackers can not identify

The term “Doxxing” is derived from the English word “docs” (documents). The “Doxxen” be, if possible, fished a lot of private information, such as credit card numbers, Scans of identification documents, confidential home addresses, or phone numbers is illegal, and then put online. In the USA also the social security number plays a crucial role, because this in turn opens up the door for all kinds of fraud attacks.

celebrities and politicians among the Victims

“the advent calendar is coming Event!”: The data release was orchestrated

can anyone Who has made the confidential documents and information to the network, as a rule, determine. In the Web, a number of services such as Pastebin, or Megaupload are available, which can be anonymous or with a Pseudonym to be used.

In the current case, the short message service Twitter plays an important role. There is a User-spread since the 1. December, are in a kind of advent calendar Links to text documents, in the confidential information. In addition, Links to confidential data are in the text documents. These are Scans of identification documents, PDF-files of letters, Screenshots of Chat histories and other sensitive content. The Account was deactivated on Friday morning from Twitter.

Phishing, Hacker attack, a Leak that is behind it

Also, the terms “Hacker attack” and “Leak” are increasingly in circulation. Click here to read what the terms mean exactly:

news about celebrities and politicians

This is the Account known of the private data released

Phishing: A word, this is derived from the English word “fishing” (fishing). Phishing attackers try to move with the manipulated E-Mails, web pages or short messages with their victims to their data, such as the Login information to your E-Mail account. The so-called Spear-Phishig of attack is adjusted to the target person with a great effort, personally. General Phishing attacks are often carried out by ordinary Online Criminals, for example, an Online Bank account plunder. Behind-the-targeted Spear-Phishing attacks are often from governments paid a Hacker plug in.

attack: In the case of a hacker attack, it is usually about forcing a System or network to its knees, to manipulate or steal data. This is frequently exploited the fact that the operators have not kept their systems up to date and, therefore, security gaps. Sometimes, so-called Zero-Day run attacks. Vulnerabilities will be exploited before they could be closed by the software manufacturer through an Update.

Leak: Of a Leak is when confidential data are revealed by an Insider. The American Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, the recording of the attack on an American combat helicopter in Baghdad in which Iraqi civilians and journalists were killed, the news Agency Reuters, for example, has given more. In the latest Online attack, it is not a high probability of a Leak, since the data are derived from apparent different sources.

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