How often do you usually have the opportunity, in the case of a birth? Most people probably only if you have a Baby. In the case of Janina Maurer, 43, is different, she has made the birth of photography to be a part of their documentary work. And if you say to parents after the birth: “We have not even noticed you were there”, it is the most beautiful compliment for you. To provide for such an intimate event to a human access, is not directly involved in the birth, was earlier for parents-to-be unimaginable. But in the meantime, the birth of photography is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany – a shaky Polaroid, the midwife shot, simply can’t give back, what has happened in the process of birth. And memories of it have only those who were present.

Maurer, a self-a mother of four, knew the family, whose house of birth should accompany you now. In 2013, she had photographed the birth of the big sister, at that time in the hospital. Because when you first child, everything went very quickly, made a straight on the way, as it was called, off we go. But the brother didn’t have it quite as in a hurry to get to the world. The childbirth took place in the former children’s room of the mother, at grandma’s home. Then the fruit burst in a sudden bubble and all haste went. Shortly afterwards, the press were already in labor.

The birth of an irretrievable Moment

“the photos, real photos, and also from the direct birth, the family is very important,” says Maurer, “therefore, there is actually pictures of the Baby, piece by piece sees the light of the world.” These photos are intended only for the family. At birth, only the midwife and the photographer were next to a mother and a father present. But as soon as the little Boy had given the first cry, came in, the grandmother and the little sister, to welcome the new addition to the family. And then the great hour of the three-year-olds: for Months she had looked forward to the office, which had been at the birth of the course of thought came – she was allowed to cut the cord, and completed your task with flying colors.

The theme of family is Maurer’s professional focus. In addition to birth photography, she also documented the days of the week in bed, and before the pregnancy. Who would like to contact the photographer, who lives on the lower Rhine, all the data on your Facebook page that is linked here.

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