models, the mighty destroyer of the eyelids-class – project-23560 – have already been shown in the year 2016. Initially, there was talk of a whole fleet, with twelve ships. Then it was so quiet around the project, observers said the Kremlin had buried the eyelids-class due to lack of money.

now, However, the Tass reported that the construction of the vessels is begun. And apparently, in the original planning. In the year 2022, first of all, two destroyers are to be keel-laid. In the meantime, the plans have been revised. The leader-class has continued to grow. The displacement is now about 19,000 to 20,000 tons. They are not destroyers, but battlecruisers. Added to this is an important Change of the drive: The project 23560 is equipped with a nuclear drive. It’s the same type of reactor to be used, also on the Russian icebreaker Arktika, project 22220.


The battle cruisers turned all of the older war ships into floating scrap metal

The concept was developed by the Krylov Center and the preliminary Design comes from the Northern Design Bureau. The destroyer can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. The armament should consist of about 200 missiles of various types. The ships are also armed with the newest aircraft carrier-killer missile of the type 3M22 zirconium. The ultra-fast hypersonic weapons are for the forces of the US Navy a serious threat.

Larger and more powerful

With the Lider class, the Kremlin is building for the first time since the 70s destroyer. In the long term you will replace the old types Project 956 and Project 1155. In size and combat power play, however, is in a League of its own. With 19 or 20,000 tons, the ships are far larger than the American Arleigh-Burke-class with about 9000 tons. Also the Chinese missiles apply destroyer type 055, which is currently considered state of the art and fight the strongest ships of this class, displace 13,000 tons. The destroyer in 1936, the German Navy was only 2400 tons.

After the Zumwalt-class has proven to be a costly failure, it is expected that the US will introduce in the coming years, a new type of vessel to replace aging vessels. Probably the USA will be riding the path to build a far greater destroyer than before.

sinking of the Sheffield

How the Pride of the British fleet from a deep fryer was sunk

In the struggle for the Falkland Islands was attacked by the British fleet from Exocet missiles. The destroyer Sheffield was hit by a dud – not decreased, even though the rocket exploded.

Gernot Kramper