Thomas Gottschalk (R.) and Dr. Reinhard Scolik in a very good mood at the press conference for the show in the house of literature in Munich


The crowd was so large that the press conference for the new shipment of Thomas Gottschalk (68, “found the fall of a blonde: The autobiography”) on Monday, as planned, in a bookstore, but in a pretty room with an imposing wall of books in the house of literature in Munich. Flanked by BR-TV Director, Dr. Reinhard Scolik and Anke Mai, the head of the program area of culture, made the Entertainer feel like “Gottschalk reads?”. He presented not only well prepared, but also in a great mood.

Also in November, spent at home in the USA came up short: “the very fact that to me now, the hut is burnt down, makes me a bit vulnerable,” said Gottschalk, and hoped thus to a certain probably want to come in possible critics, in the sense of “Oh, let him. He doesn’t have a home anymore”. Despite this drastic experience, the born Franke was relaxed, friendly and not at all aggressive, unlike that press conference the end of 2016, to its music broadcast on Bayern 1. “I have long enough to lick my wounds,” he admitted on Monday frankly.

The new literature shipment

reads a-show “Gottschalk?” four times aired in the year. Is recorded, the Format in which the Entertainer with interesting author speaks to authors about books and the world, in different places in Bavaria. The first broadcast comes from Augsburg and is on 19. To see the March from 22 clock in the Bavarian radio and in advance on Saturday before the broadcast at 20:15 clock in the BR library.

To start with, the authors and “pop stars” as Gottschalk’s called you – Sarah Kuttner (40, “imperfect copy”), Ferdinand von Schirach (55, “Collini”) and Vea Kaiser (30, “Blasmusikpop or How science came to the mountains,”) loaded, as well as Martin Mosebach (67). “Before him, I have a bit of anxiety, he in front of me, hopefully,” joked Gottschalk on the award-winning writer.

it was Important for Gottschalk, to emphasize that “Gottschalk reads?” no consignment of the literature Pope will be, “the rating of the books he has made, and, in extreme cases, even tears”. Instead, it more of the books and authors with a certain amount of – “and I use this word very, very carefully and believe I have spoken, never to the public” – humility, which is also reasonable. And here also the question mark in the title of the show comes into play, because the symbol of humility.

“Germany’s next Topmodel”candidates as an audience?

Thomas Gottschalk is sure that not only literature will turn on an interested audience, but also to “those interested in books, only in the neck”, and “just want to see what the Gottschalk’s wearing again for a stupid jacket”. It doesn’t bother him. “Literature is entertainment and entertainment is literature. I have fun on the read. I have avoided all my life to bore my viewers and listeners, but trying to do everything with pleasure. This is my claim on this consignment. And if I brought someone to read, worth it.”

he Tries to has the apparently the new “Germany’s next Topmodel”candidates. In the past week, he had performed together with Heidi Klum (45) for their casting show, a proof that he did not give up the pure entertainment, so Gottschalk. “And if I say to one of these twelve girls, who want to be a Model and think of nothing, then just yesterday I read a book’ and you say ‘Oh what?!’, I’ve taken care of that for the classical Disruptions-approach [disorder of the order],” he said happily.

And how is the new Gottschalk-book?

And what of his own new book, he last Tweet from April 2018 on his Account with “the summer break! I’ll write a book…” had been announced? Will the treated in the program? “As far as I would go. Unless it is a Bestseller or my guests ask me”, stacked it deep. So really, the question is not, however, because the successor of “autumn blonde” is still not finished…