Huawei, which was still standing a few years ago for cheap entry-level Smartphones. But the Chinese group has powerful. Especially in the case of the cameras, and the battery is at the front. Now Huawei with the P30 Per its new top-of-the presented model. In addition to the chic Design, it should especially with the camera points Huawei The photo wonder calls it””. And in fact, the device could provide in the Test for Marvel.

A Zoom to be Amazed

Because the in cooperation with Leica developed a camera actually makes the images so far, with a Smartphone so not possible. The secret Behind the new, the fourth lens is a whole periscope system, which is up to 10 times the loss-free and 50-fold digital zoom. The result is simply impressive. In good light the camera objects zooms in so close, as if you are 150 yards and closer. The 5-fold and 10-fold Zoom, the image is indistinguishable from one without Zoom, only when there is a change in the digital zoom the Details are lost to be visible. You can find examples at the bottom of the photo.

Huawei P30 Per: So strong Zoom and night vision Fullscreen

With up to ten times the loss-free Hybrid-Zoom when Huawei P30 completely new photos brings possible

©painted Mans

will not have to hide Well otherwise the camera. The 24 MP main camera with f1. 6 aperture shoots very sharp, true color images, thanks to the additional ultra-wide-angle lens can also be used for larger objects to be captured. The images are clearly one of the best Smartphone photos. A little weakness there is in regular light and moving subjects. The camera then tries to the image to calculate some unsightly artifacts appear.

The results at very low light are a matter of taste. To the lack of sensitivity to light that is not: The P30-Per-catch even if the eye does not see hardly anything, a photo, and even identifies colors. The result is, however, clear that it was strongly charged. The images from fall are similar to those of the Google Pixel 3. If you really want to make a photo, is the all sufficient, purely from the point of view of Aesthetics, one should expect no miracles. The Alternative would be a rule, but simply no picture at all.


The chic case in mother-of-pearl-Look is full with a potent technology

©Malte Mansholt battery for days

The second great strength of the P30 Pro is the battery. 4200 mAh has installed Huawei, in everyday life test in normal use, enough also for a second day. It should be tight, the battery is charged extremely quickly. After 4 minutes on the cable to 15 percent were achieved, according to 30 of 75 percent. For a full battery, you had to wait a good hour. These are very strong values. Good: Like the Mate 20 or the Galaxy S10, the P30 can charge Per another device wirelessly, while it hangs itself on the cable. This is for the owner of a Smartwatch is interesting.

Technically everything is there, what do you expect. The self-developed Kirin-980 processor is not lightning fast, when he comes in test programs to the current iPhone Xs. Together with the 8 GB of memory it still offers plenty of power. Even complex games or video editing not to bring him into a sweat. As the data memory 128 GB are available, in addition, Huawei offers a model with 256 GB. The memory can be extended. The current Android 9.0 is installed.


Only the front camera due to the almost edge breaks loose Display. They can also be used to Unlock.

©Malte Mansholt Chic Look with a small shortcoming

The Design of the Huawei doesn’t make big experiments. The very good-looking OLED Display in huge 6,47 inch takes up almost the whole Front, just a small recess at the top edge of the camera view. The reliably working fingerprint Scanner plugged directly in the Display. A metal frame and a mother-of-pearl-like glass back to make the chic Look perfectly. In addition to a plain black Design, Huawei is offering models with a color gradient. In addition to the new red-orange (“Amber Sunrise”) there is a green-blue (“Aurora”) variant, as well as a model with a Transition from White to Blue to Purple (“Breathing crystal”).

A smaller drawback is security: While Apple to use with Face ID and Samsung in the S10 with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor very secure biometric unlock methods, you must rely on the P30 on a normal selfie camera, and an optical finger sensor. Both techniques work quickly and easily, but are not as safe as they could be. Here Huawei should add.

conclusion: this is A real eye-catcher

The killer feature of the P30 Per is clear of the Zoom. The Amazement that the images triggered in the editorial, there was a long time in any Smartphone camera. Otherwise Huawei package from a powerful camera, sleek Design and a thick, extremely charged battery can convince the test.

the Only real drawback compared with less secure, biometric screen unlock methods. If you don’t like huge Displays, could be the almost 6.5-inch also an exclusion criterion.

if you wish the Smartphone has always been a more powerful Zoom, at P30 Per. A real Alternative then simply. Who does not need a powerful Zoom, it can look alternatively, the iPhone Xs, Google’s Pixel 3 or the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Technically they are largely equal.

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