Christmas lot of Smartphones are again under German Christmas trees. A brand is likely to be represented most frequently: Huawei. The Chinese are now the world’s number two, behind Samsung and ahead of Apple. And with the Mate 20 Per of the group is demonstrated in this autumn impression that you can not only build good and cheap devices, but also in the premium area arrived. The Mate 20 Pro is one of the most exciting devices of the year.

form factor: Large and chic

the phone for the first Time in the Hand, stands out immediately the elegant appearance to the eye: From the front it looks like a cross of iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9. Notch encounters well-rounded Display. The shiny (but fingerprint downright attractive) glass-to-back stands out from black-and-white kinds of. More courage to try the unusual colors and textures would also do other manufacturers!

The 6.4-inch Display is really huge for small hands but a little big. The screen has the high contrast OLED-technology (you know, from expensive iPhones and Galaxys) and draws only because of the very elongated Format (19,5:9-Format) the eye. To the edge the Display is bent. Whilst this offers no added value, but chic looks.


The rear panel is displayed in a chic mirrored Black.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star

The notch (Notch) at the top edge of the image is similar to a wide like the iPhone. Therein, various Sensors for face unlock are next to the front camera. The functioning, thanks to the infrared module even in the dark and not with a simple photo trick like some other androids. The face of failure of detection, however, the Mate 20 Per a Plan B: in the Display, a fingerprint scanner! Does not work as reliable as a “real” finger scanner as he has in the detection of wet fingers problems -but he is still a better option than the PIN. Apple, fit a Scanner in the next iPhone?

The Mate 20 Per, in contrast to the stripped-down versions (Mate 20 and Mate 20 Lite) is a IP68 certification, so it is fresh water – and dust-proof. Since the Smartphone is almost fully made of glass, you should pack it in a protective case. At 8.6 millimeters, the Mate 20 Per by the way is not quite thick, the camera on the back stands out but also. And a headphone port no longer exists, unfortunately.


The processor (type Kirin 980) is a Huawei-proprietary development. The computing power is not higher than in the previous in everyday life you will notice that in the case of commercial Apps, however. The focus of the chip is located as in the case of Apple on an improved Artificial intelligence that engages the user, such as when Photographing under the arms.


the arrangement of The triple-camera has changed.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star-camera: the power of The three lenses

The most notable Feature of the Mate 20 the triple camera on the back. It is arranged together with the flash of light square. Huawei waived in its latest model to the Black-and-White Sensor of the predecessor and, for the first time on an Ultra-wide angle lens. As a result, more content fits clearly into the picture. The difference is striking, as this comparison show images:

wide angle camera: Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs. iPhone XS Fullscreen

Here you can see a recording of the Mate 20 Per. Although the cameras remained virtually the same, the image is significantly greater than that of the …

©Christoph Fröhlich/star

The main sensor of the Mate 20 Per punch, with up to 40 mega-pixels. Especially in daylight mode to succeed in the auto, excellent images with a good dynamic range. The color representation is likely to be a matter of taste (keywords: saturation and contrast), sometimes the automatically post-processed images better than the reality. However, behind the iPhone, the Mate 20. In the case of night shots, great shots, thanks to Artificial intelligence and a steady Hand.


The Mate 20 pro takes many of the Details.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star

The third camera of a telephoto has lens with eight mega pixels. Through the three different lenses you reach focal lengths of 16, 27 and 83 millimeters. As a result, the game space in terms of Zoom is greater. Here is a comparison of how well the tele lenses and the built-in Artificial intelligence to work:


Even if you get close to objects, you can see many of the Details, such as this Broadway-street-sign shows.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star

anyone Who wants can enable in the camera, the so-called “Master AI”. To a the Software with automatic settings (such as food, sky, night), the most of photos to get help. We advise, however, switch the function off. A value is not recognizable, the results of alienated arg.

with the processor power, new effects for Videos are available: you can place approximately in real-time, a Black-and-White Filter on the Background, while the Person remains in the foreground color. That doesn’t work perfect yet, it clearly demonstrates where the journey with the next Chip generations. Overall, the iPhone in terms of video quality but has the nose in front.

The front camera take photos with the 24 mega pixels and produces detail-rich Selfies, on request, with background blur.

battery: This Smartphone can the iPhone download

An advertisement for the Mate-series was always the long battery life, and also the current model makes no exception. Maturities of one and a half to two days easily. In addition, a 40-Watt is included in the scope of delivery quick-charging power supply to charge the Smartphone within 30 minutes 70 percent. This is all, of course. Two days duration and one hour of Charging the battery, Huawei sets a new Benchmark.

in Addition, the group supports the first wireless, quick Charging with up to 15 watts. The coolest function: The Huawei Smartphone can charge other devices wirelessly, so far as they support the Qi Standard. You put a iPhone XS of the buddies on your phone, it is charged. This takes a while and eats up quite a lot of power, but it is enough to borrow the Smartphone of a friend a few percent.

Software and support

As the operating system is Android installed 9 Pie that has adapted to Huawei with its own user interface (EMUI). Well the gesture control, which is more reminiscent of Apple’s iOS in 12, because of Google’s Android. If you swipe your Finger up, you reach around on the Home screen. Die-service is quickly in flesh and blood. However, some Android Apps have the side pull-out menus, which can be of the new operation.

conclusion: The best Android 2018

Great camera, stylish Design, long battery life, innovative features such as the Charging of other Smartphones: The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the best Android Smartphone of the year. Especially Amateur photographers will have with the device your joy. With 850 euros, the phone is anything other than a bargain.

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