people who hold your Smartphone in front of the mouth and start to talk to are now a common picture in the pedestrian zone, in the U-Bahn and Bus or in a Café. Reason for this is the voice messages in Instant messaging. The news services have caused the Disappearance of the SMS and also the call more and more – thanks to the message function of Language. 69 percent of respondents to a recent survey by Statista in collaboration with YouGov, the know this function, use it at least rarely. The voice message pushes many to enthusiasm, others find it awkward to listen to and more of a sign for the self-love of the Senders, go talk to this simple plan, without a reaction of the conversation partner could be the speech flow.

But how long will you be, the self-recorded audio file? According to the survey, the opinion differs depending on gender. For 37 percent of the men’s final is after a maximum of 30 seconds, with a further 26 per cent it should be a maximum of one Minute. When the women see each of 28 per cent. They also accept more messages with a length of two to three minutes, as the graph shows. For many, the length cannot be set, but depends on the content.

The most popular recipients are friends, family, and Acquaintances. Partner or partner follows on the fourth place, colleagues on the fifth.