With the Fitness Tracker, the pulse, the diet by App track and with the digital scales the weight history log: more and more people use digital supporters to pay attention to your health. And for a company of our health condition and all the data attached to it, for a long time the Gold value. However, in the industry, many companies are nervous. Ironically, the giant Amazon runs just warm to conquer the lucrative field.

That Amazon extends the sensor in the direction of the Health sector, was already in the spring. In the summer, the retail giant, which earned with Fitness trackers and co. is already huge amounts bought, with the Takeover of the U.S. merchant PillPack in the pharmaceutical shipping. The biggest Coup was followed, but at the end of November: Since the company introduced its Service offer “Amazon Comprehend Medical” – and the analysts, to trust, to roll over a nearly 300 billion US Dollar market.

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Apple Watch 4 tried: This watch calls the ambulance

By Christoph Fröhlich The business with the data

Amazon offers about the project to digitize the many scattered, often from Hand-written patient files in paper form and to make them accessible in databases. This is possible with an advanced artificial intelligence, handwriting recognition, speech analysis and medical understanding. Thus, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment methods are collected and recorded in a digital file to be summarized.

According to a report from the “Business Insider” respond to the direct competitors in the field nervous. Given the sheer financial resources, however, this is not surprising. An Analyst from RBC Capital Markets sees thus a real opportunity for Amazon, the market is completely rocking the boat. Others are more sceptical. Amazon’s competitors in the area have built up years of trust would have to earn Amazon yet, they argue. Attempts to points Google’s, and Microsoft in this area, were rather miserably. However, the usefulness of Artificial intelligence at the time was significantly reduced.

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almost no one uses Alexa’s most important Feature – so Amazon wants to get the change

By Malte Mans future market health

the business of health is one of the most important markets in the coming years assessed. In addition to the ubiquitous Trend towards self-optimization, such as with fitness trackers, also contributes to the increasing digitisation of everyday life, an increasing amount of health data is being collected. These allow on the one hand, to new insights, such as the early detection of diseases or the effectiveness of Behandlunsgmethoden, allow on the other hand, but also much more precise predictions for individual health. And the insurance value of Gold.

No wonder that the big Tech companies are pushing more and more in the market. Most of them directed to consumers. Apple succeeded with the Apple Watch a huge success. The Smartwatch not only collects health data, but also warns in case of heart rhythm disorders, detects falls and can create in the USA now, even an ECG. Also, Philips was able to build up with all sorts of smart health Gadgets-a very stable leg to stand on. The really big business is likely to get stuck in the analysis of the collected data. That is exactly where Amazon wants to now.

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silent Revolution: How Artificial intelligence go unnoticed in our life

changed When it comes to Artificial intelligence, most people still have vague Fears in the mind. The clever machines are already in our everyday lives – without that people would have noticed it at all.

By Malte Mansholt mma