music from the net is a fine thing, whether on Spotify, YouTube and Internet radio with its 25,000 channels and saves. The disadvantage of the power of music: it eats bandwidth and not a little. Already an hour of Streaming mediocre 64 kilobits per second adds up to about 30 megabytes per hour. The music runs for hours of every day, by the way, blare over the month expected a few gigabytes. In addition, the continuous current load, the bandwidth in the home network. Not for nothing, many companies prohibit their employees music streaming. Whether in the office or at home, the digital reissue of the good old Radios offers a convenient Alternative to the PA.

DAB+ has what. Internet radio

The digital version of the Radios, DAB+ and has a lot in common with the Internet radio The quality corresponds to the AAC+Standard, so what is also available from ITunes Music. The FM Radio known noise is DAB+ a thing of the past: the reception is poor and there is no reception. The radical Form of noise reduction.

the classic channels to search for. As with Internet radio, the receive channels are automatically marked with a name and displayed as a list of his favorites. The choice is still clear. Nationwide are currently broadcast by 13 stations, in the coming year there will be double the number. Otherwise, the range varies greatly from state to state. Bayern stands with around 80 channels at the top of the Saar forms with 20 stations. Piece by piece, however, come more digital radio stations.

music in the whole house

To house the digital Radio comes with a DAB+receiver. The offer is now varied by the Retro suitcase radio to the sound system for over 1000 Euro. Anyone who wants to stream his Radio at home in different rooms, you need a so-called multi-room System. Such Radios can be controlled as a source via Wi-Fi more Radios than playback devices. This “satellite” to the Undok-Standard follow speakers from different manufacturers you can even. The sound quality depends not from the base station, but by the quality of the activated speaker. The 600 Euro expensive speakers, so even a rich, full Sound, even if he is fed from a DAB+ base station for 100 Euro with music.

the Ensemble is Conducted either with the remote control, the base station or via the App on the Smartphone or Tablet. Well-known manufacturers usually deliver their products with an App, but thanks to the Undok-Standards the majority of digital radio-multi-room systems can also be used with the free App “Undok” of Frontier Smart Technologies control.

Spotify to DLNA music from all sources

Can speak the in-house distributed speakers in the sense of the word, “loud”, enter only the back of the base station. Who wants to hear in the bathroom, more relaxed music than in the Rest of the house, part in need of a speaker with its own DAB+reception. Or he gets the music from other sources. The better DAB+Radios can be considered masters of the data-small talks, so to speak, with each. They refer to their music via DLNA from the home network hard disk, from the USB Stick and, via Bluetooth, from the Smartphone, directly from Spotify, or the thousands of channels of Internet radio. And the good old FM steam radio is already installed. The digital radio is only one Option, to get good music without the Stress with the volume of data into the house. And even if the power failure occurs, the music plays on.