The Scary Face of “Momo” drives now seem to be on YouTube to mischief


a Long time it became quiet around the creepy Internet phenomenon “Momo”. The Messenger WhatsApp the creepy girl showed up with a distorted Face for the first time in 2018. Now the horror form at YouTube to ensure fear and terror. Particularly perfidious: ironically, in the supposed Videos for children Unknown “Momo should have been cut” and so a series of Kids upset.

Clips of small children’s series “Peppa Wutz”, the start harmless, before the horror essence and use of offensive terms to be hear to be Affected. In other Videos should show up, moreover, a figure with a white mask and animate the spectators to dangerous tests of courage. According to a Post primary school in Haslingden (England) is published.

In some of the Videos the children have been sponsored thus, gas lines untwist. The school calls all the parents, therefore, is to review currently, with increased alarm readiness, the content that your kids view on the net. Of cases, with German-language content is nothing yet known yet.