“An event such as we have never had it.” With great words of Apple CEO Tim Cook announced on Monday morning in the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, the new products of the group. The particular: This Time the US giant presented no new Hardware such as the iPhone or iPad. Instead, it was only on content and new Services. Particularly excited about the around 1,000 journalists were on the new TV content. Nothing less than the great attack on Netflix had been expected. Has Apple delivered? The novelties in Overview:

Apple TV, and Apple TV+

What would be a press conference by Angela Merkel, unthinkable, happened at Apple in several ways: journalists and reporters jumped up enthusiastically clapping. The reason is the presence of Stars such as Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or J. J. Abrams. Hollywood is ripe, the group staged their appearance. The lights in the Auditorium went out, as it was again, a celebrity on the stage. This went on for a minute-by-minute.

The US Stars are the faces of the new Apple TV+. About 20 new series, Shows and documentaries, announced the Apple, which he spread in the future, about his new Apple TV Channel. Thus, Apple will for the first Time to the TV producers and to the competitors for Netflix. Apple gave a brief look on the newly launched series such as “Morning Show”,” the “Amazing Stories” or “lake”. What is the effect of all of them exciting and not just specialisation, but with just as much effort produced. Allegedly, Apple had a billion dollars, what do you look at the series. However, it remains to be seen, from the group, this Level of new productions.


Apple Event

Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey to draw with Apple in the fight against Netflix

By Jens Maier

Apple TV+ starts in the fall. The prices for the offer are not yet known. As early as may the Apple-TV is renewed App. You will then be on all devices such as iPad, iPhone, and also available on the Mac. What is new is that US cable channels such as HBO or Showtime are also available on the TV App. With the new App, Apple wants to bundle all the available streaming services on a single platform and linear TV. The Problem here is that, In contrast to Amazon Prime competitor Netflix is not a part of it. It comes to a test of strength.

conclusion Apple TV, and Apple TV+

The euphoria of the new Apple TV App in. It is questionable whether the US-American transmitters are also available in Germany. Probably not. The new offerings on the Apple TV could inspire you – the question is, at what price.

Apple Arcade

A Flatrat for game fans. The idea sounds so simple that many are wondering why Apple has not come already. To Start, the deal will include, according to Apple, “more than 100 new and exclusive games” and is available on all Apple Devices available. The price of Apple is silent. Starting in the fall of 2019 in more than 150 countries and probably also in Germany.

conclusion Apple Arcade

Good deal games-Fans, may use without advertising and without any hidden costs hundreds of Games.


How Apple made a laughing stock of a billion-dollar business

By Christoph Fröhlich Apple Card

none of them had anticipated: After Apple Pay Apple is now rising into the credit card business. The Apple Card will replace conventional credit cards. Apple promises: no fees, lower interest rates, transparent reward programs, a clear control over all the transactions and Pay safely worldwide. The special feature of the reward program. With each payment the customer will receive 2 percent of the purchase price, well-written, in the case of Apple products even three. Thus, the group that works for the Card with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard is making waves in the industry. Apple promises that the data will not be tracked and not even Apple employees have access to it. Start in the USA in the summer. If and when the Card comes to Germany, is unclear. The map is by the way not only virtually, but also as a noble titanium edition.

conclusion Apple Card

Perhaps the Best thing presented by Apple today. The features of Apple Pay will also be on the Card. The reward program is unique.

Apple News+

“The best magazine experience in an App,” says Apple with News+. More than 300 magazines will be available immediately in digital form. The special: as a PDF, but in a unique user interface. The offer’s for flatrat price of $ 9.99 USD and is available immediately. “Quality Journalism matters” is the motto – quality journalism that makes the difference. For the Circulation-ridden print products might be a way to generate new sales.

conclusion Apple News+

interesting offer at a fair price. However, no German-language magazines available.