We are constantly looking to the Smartphone. In the subway, while Waiting for the coffee – also, when the kids are around. This has consequences: A study of Illinois State University shows that children suffer under the constant view of the parents on the Display. Children feel, therefore, quickly, if the attention of them changes the Display. This article explains the Problem in Detail. Judging by the behavior own usage and the well-Known in everyday life, in addition, another factor: The kids can’t see if it’s something really Important – or mom and dad distract you.

of Course, it is always appealing to take a short view on the Smartphone. Goes Yes quickly. Finally, something could be happening in the world. Or at least in their own circle of friends. You play a round, in order to bridge the waiting time, look at the quick cooking time according to the recipe, looking just Christmas gifts, post a short Status Update. And because you don’t even think about it, you do it when the kids are around.

dealing with Tablet and co.

Five-tips – in order for the parents Smartphone and not the education

Gernot Kramper newspaper or Snapchat ruined?

Earlier, mom was sitting at the Desk, when bills are paid or the tax was made, dad had a good open visible the newspaper. To see whether the photo album, crossword puzzle, or a novel: It was not always clear whether the REC was or is important. Today, everything is in this little magic box. And Instagram, Candy Crush, funny cat pictures and a lot of senseless things.

Even conversations with friends have shifted from the phone in the Chat. The children see that mom and dad look great on the Smartphone or Tablet. Again.

a voice-controlled speaker

“Alexa, where’s the pacifier?” – Amazon Echo changed our family life

By Malte Mansholt, The Smartphone on the table

And the parents teach more and more often, even then, attention to the mobile phone, if you want to actually just spend time with the child. The LEGO build, on the Playground, at the dinner. Hardly anyone would be in the middle of turn during a game of man-Trouble-You-the newspaper, on the incoming message to respond but of course. The children will not see the difference. You will notice that you have to share the attention again with the Smartphone. Or, you’ll lose.

The distinction between work-Mail, Chat message, and a short look at the time only the parents. And they are not always honest. “It was just important to treasure” is probably just as often an excuse, as it is true. Even if it’s true: The temptation is great, yet a quick Facebook, open the Browser or other Apps, if you have the device already in the Hand. The Junior caught a glance at the Display, is the credibility completely there.

the media time for mom and dad

our hypocrisy at the media consumption of the Small does not help. If the kids play time on the phone or watching TV, get you hear, of course, that they should not look so much at screens. What is not completely correct – only what we show them. Maybe we should listen more often to ourselves – and also as parents a well-defined media-time to comply with. At least until the kids are in bed.