Nicholas Ofczarek is a sought-after Theater Star

©imago/Vienna report

The Austrian actor and theatre Star Nicholas Ofczarek (47) is seen in the new Sky Thriller series “The Pass” as the broken, and at the same time, a brilliant Commissioner. Whether he would improvise during the shoot, also like to be like at the theatre? “I have to learn yet,” he said in an Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”. “Actually, you could, Yes, if you do four Takes of a scene in four different ways to play.”

“Who is driving the perfection that is Matthew McConaughey”

on The subject of Improvisation Ofczarek soon end up with a spectacle of colleagues from the USA: “Who the perfection that is Matthew McConaughey in ‘True Detective’. You see, he sits against the cut never. Never. He sits there every Time. He simply played every Take is new and fresh,” says the Vienna of the 49-year-old Oscar winner.

Generally speaking, he could switch now from the theatre game to play for television or the cinema. “But I have a very long time, in order to understand the Film,” explains Ofczarek. At the theatre you have to reach the first row, but also the gallery. “Theatre thrives on the fact that you can’t press stop. You can also rewind or fast forward. It is what it is. Theatre thrives on the immediacy and the mistakes.” Had to turn economic. There are two different professions, but could definitely benefit from each other, Ofczarek says.