next Stop: Mae Klong market! A Station of a different kind

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moved to be managed to Plan, baskets with fruit and vegetables aside, nothing is allowed to stand on the rails. Rails? Yes, on the Mae Klong market in Thailand, there are rails and be driven on a regular basis. Visitors marvel at the unusual spectacle, which is repeated several times a day. Always, when the railway announces with a loud whistle, and make the traders to clear their goods out of the way. Because on the “Railway Market” share of the market and train an alley.

The market power of mobile

This is due to the fact that the market has for over 100 years at this point, its place. The construction of the railway line was for the Locals appears to have been no reason to move. A railway line could not prevent the Thais, their business as usual. It has arranged. In the dense Crowd numerous stands are set up, the juicy mangoes, fresh Lychees to warm dishes to offer and all of the most popular (tourist) heart.

Who wants to join a market trip with an exciting train journey is right here. In Maha Chai you climb Klong the “slow train” to Mae. Theoretically, there are departure times – the train eight times a day – in practice, punctuality fanatic need to have patience, because the train rarely at the indicated times. After an hour we reached the market – and can now wait for the next train, which announces itself with a whistling, and then leisurely on the market trundles.