Slash is for 2016 a permanent member of Guns N’ Roses

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In 2016, the Rock Band Guns N’ Roses (“Sweet Child O’ Mine” delighted) Fans with a reunion, then it was for Axl Rose (57) and his band mates for two years on the big Tour. Now guitarist Slash (53) made in an Interview with the “Welt am Sonntag” hopes for a new Album by the cult Band.

“The focus is clearly designed”

In the interview, he said, when he was asked about the speculation of a new record: “at The Moment there are very many activities that are geared to that.” In the further Interview, the 53-Year-old was even more concrete: “The focus is clearly designed. Sure. It will put a lot of energy into the idea, to enable a new Album. We’ll see,” said Slash. “And until then, I’m working more with my other Band, the Conspirators, this is also a good, authentic Rock’n’Roll Band.”

Apparently, the Reunion seems to have him and the Band pretty well done. “To be honest, the last Tour was the most fun I had with Guns N’ Roses since the end of the 80s. Never in my life would I have expected that it me with you again, such would be fun,” says Slash, whose real name is Saul Hudson. “For the first Time, I felt that our stages performances of something like intimacy. In our big Open Airs in the ‘ 90s, I had always the feeling of these huge masses of spectators to be separated. Exactly, I cannot explain this change of perception. Anyway, quite another vibration came, this time from the audience.”

The Band Guns N’ Roses was founded in 1985 in Los Angeles, founded in. In 1996, Slash left the Band officially, after all the founding members were out of front-man Axl Rose. Since the Not-in-this-Lifetime Reunion Tour in 2016 he is back as a lead guitarist a permanent member of the Band.