Stefan Raab acts behind and not in front of – the Scenes

©imago/Hubert Jelinek

whether it’s “impact has established the Raab”, the “Wok-WM”, or “TV total”: almost any Show Format, the Stefan Raab (52) in the case of ProSieben, has been a success. 19. February returns from Raab produced the inventor of the Show “The thing of the year,” and shortly thereafter, there will be a new Format. As the station is now known, is on 23. March “1. Headis world Team Cup” to be broadcast, which is produced by Raab TV.

About the Show

“Headies” or “header table tennis” is played according to ProSieben now of around 80,000 people. In the Sport, two competitors play on a ping pong table, a rubber ball back and forth, allowed to use only your brains. In the case of the “Headis Team-world Cup” to compete in six teams, each of which consist of a Headis a professional and a celebrity.

Which Stars will take part in the sporting spectacle, is not yet known. It is certain, though, that Elton (47) moderate, and Ron Ringguth (53) as a commentator is to act.