the next Version of The most used Smartphone operating system Android gets support for phones with foldable Displays, as well as better privacy settings.

Among other things, users will be able to more accurately determine when an App is allowed to your location know how Google announced the launch of the first Beta Version of Android Q late Wednesday.

in the Future, the user can set, as seen on Apple’s iPhone – an App can only have access to your whereabouts, if you will. So far, the authorisation granted in the case of Android without limitations applied, so that Apps could, in principle, also access the GPS data, if you were running in the Background.

Android Q is foldable devices

For the new class of Smartphones whose Displays can be the size of small Tablets unfold, support Google gives App developers with Android Q additional Software tools in the Hand. It is all about, to allow an application to run when changing the screen size or the Display screen.

Android has to support two different concepts of Auffalt Smartphones. So Samsung Galaxy Fold has two screens: one is like a book to Tablet-size folding and in the folded state is not visible, while a small Display on the outside, the Smartphone features. In the competitive model Mate X Huawei screen when you fold on the outside and can be alternately from both sides at half the size.

among the other new features of Android Q a direct access to Apps Depth of field settings of the camera. More Details to Android Q there should be on the developer conference Google I/O in may, before the Software is introduced later in the year.

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