The Knowledge about the military Power of the opponent has always been one of one of the most important tools of the war. No wonder that since ancient times a lot of energy is invested to spy on you. In modern times, countries that can afford to put on the satellite, or simply look at Google Maps.

There is a military base in Taiwan, was discovered, which is completely open and in a high level of detail. In General, such support will be pixelated points from Google. Finally, it is not for potential attackers not only interesting, where such bases are located, but also the ways in which you can be in an attack is dangerous.

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spy in the house: So Alexa, Google and co. to listen secretly

By Malte Mansholt missile systems in its full glory

From the base in Taiwan, one can consider that now very good. On the spiral-shaped concrete floor of the base stand around in Google Maps, easily visible missile systems and other vehicles. According to the assessment of a number of experts to be the US-developed Patriot systems, i.e. ground-to-air missiles to protect against aircraft.

The last weeks discovered recordings will be created according to Taiwanese media reports, due to a fault of Google’s. Actually, the service only four Taiwanese cities to its 3D wanted to switch view with multiple views the 3D images. The combat systems were not entpixelt only, they are, thanks to the 3D-view now to an even greater level of detail than before. In addition to the basic also, different buildings will be of authorities, such as the military espionage service and national security service revealed.


On the 3D images, the Patriot-systems.

©Google Maps PR working group is working on better camouflage

According to “CNA” assured defense Minister Yan Defa, that the authorities work together with Google to Pixelate the images. In addition, a working group would work on a better camouflage of the bases, according to “South China Morning Post”.

According to the photos you were previously, especially a lot of trouble: The base is located right in the middle of a residential area on the outskirts of Taipei, some of the high-rise buildings are likely to have excellent views of the rolling fields. In addition, technically advanced military, like the Chinese already own satellite shots of the base are likely to have, said an expert of the “South China Morning Post”. Too many information, it would have been from the photos but anyway, don’t pull, tried the defense Minister to appease. “The stationing of the vehicles does not allow for a conclusion on your location in the event of war.”
sources: , CNA, Google Maps, South China Morning Post

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