Gisele Oppermann sinks in your jungle of a test in a pool full of slime

©MG RTL D / Stefan Menne

After the promising start of 13. Season of “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” on day two rather inconsequential. The residents are terrorized by a variety of spiders, and it whined a lot. Not easy but it has actually only Gisele Oppermann (31). Because it appears to be the favorite victim of the spectators.

The Rice Incident

The first solid dispute is not fencing, but then in the run-up to the Alpha male Bastian Yotta (42) and Curry sausages-expert Chris töpperwien (44) expected, but team boss Doreen Dietel (44), and Domenico de Cicco (35). It’s about the rice for Breakfast. Domenico feels left out and Doreen on leads, in his view, much too bossy. It goes back and forth. His rice he gets anyway. Much ADO about nothing? You might think. Following the Breakfast Dietel is more then the office of the team principal to its counterparty. It seems everything is again in Butter.

Hope for divine assistance

After Gisele Oppermann (31) has been pressed the day before, in front of all the jungle of tests, more or less, it was no wonder that the former “GNTM”-a Participant from the audience is sent back to the “Kanal Fatal”. A channel system, consisting of nine numbered tubes, in which all sorts of creatures awaits. But this Time, she is shown to be motivated: “of course want to compete in. Come on!” But the toads and rats to put Oppermann.

After a lot of whining, “Oh, my God!”-Exclaim and tips from the moderators Daniel Hartwich (40) and Sonja Zietlow (50), you can get hold of the Ex-Model, after all, five of the twelve available stars. “I don’t know, I just couldn’t bring myself” she says, summing up afterwards unhappy – it could be in the future a Problem. Later in the Interview, she goes hard on yourself. In tears, she said: “I wonder what I’m doing here.” The Rest of the Camper looks different and she tries again to cheer up – with moderate success.

Piper grabs the concentrated charm club

Tommi Piper (77) don’t come out, meanwhile, from the swarms. Evelyn Burdecki (30) it has done to him. He is sure: “I have the feeling that you’re going to the jungle Queen.” And more: “I’ve been watching you, when you test, ensure you are preparing. And each Time, it is delightful”, flatters her. More than a “that’s nice of you,” don’t take out Burdecki in the Overture. Piper fits well-not quite your prey scheme.

What his wife would say to this crush? Seems this but already have a difficult relationship, as he opened up later on Gisele: “I am Christ, grateful that I am allowed to be here. I must be Old, because I’m moving for years in this horrible relationship with my wife, the alcoholic is, these tablets take to stabilize the heart rhythm,” says the 77 -. He was glad to have now “so funny, young people”.

The next jungle test.

For the next jungle test, it should then go into the cool water. Surprise: The latent sadistic audience chooses again Gisele Oppermann. You have to fight the next day on a ship graveyard to the stars. Oppermann breaks out almost immediately after the announcement of the decision in tears.

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