If there are more and more people, the space on the surface of the earth is also becoming increasingly scarce. At the same time, the demand for food is growing. A method to be the Problem, Mr, is, it, vegetables in “factories”. The advantage of this is that By the rearing shelves, and the construction of several shells is used each square meter of earth’s surface multiple times.

Cannabis is grown – because illegal – a long time in building, instead of the sun there is artificial light. For other, licit crops, the method is attractive because it is possible today with significantly less energy, the light required.


Underground, the cultivation is in the cities.

©University of Nottingham space for 25,000 farms

the President of The society for sustainable energy technology, Professor Saffa Riffat, believes that the old coal mines “perfect” could be the underground food farms. The advantage is that Abandoned mines are there in the United Kingdom in large number. Halls or Tunnel must not be re-created. Even the necessary infrastructure for electricity, water, and transportation already exists.

In the UK there should be over 150,000 abandoned wells. Together the enormous area of 25,000 square kilometers, scientists from the University of Nottingham. That would be 25,000 and vegetable farms with 100 hectares of land. Each hectare of surface area, leads to several hectares.


growing in a tray.

©University of Nottingham

“I’m very excited to see the enormous potential. Instead of so much food on the air, rail, and import by sea, we could grow here in large quantities,” said Prof. Riffat of the BBC. His Vision for the last active Mines: The mountain people should not be fired but to be retrained underground farmers.

“We have a big Problem with food production and the supply of the world’s population will reach by 2050, nine billion,” says Riffat from the University of Nottingham. “We need to do for our future. We have a growing demand for food, especially in the cities, but less to grow.”

interest in China

tunnels and caverns have an obvious defect, you have no daylight. It must be artificially generated. However, the depth of the cultivation of plants many advantages – in addition to the small footprint on the surface. There are no seasons and no weather. Underground ideal conditions can be permanent. Seasonal dry periods. On the contrary, most of the mines are so deep that the shafts must be kept by pumps dry.

Another advantage is In the depth, it is cosy and warm – ideal conditions for growth. In a shaft of 50 square meters with industrial methods can therefore be up to 80 tons of food per year to produce, according to a study by the University of. Under day 10 harvest cycles per year, compared with one to two cycles in conventional agriculture.

in addition to the British authorities in China should have an interest in the concept. The country in the far East, has, in spite of the One-child policy of the past several decades, a strong population growth. In 2000 there were approximately 1.27 billion Chinese, it in 2018, according to projections by around 1.4 billion people living in China. Since China’s population ageing will soon be a Three-child policy in China. This would again provide for a population increase.

source: BBC – the Old coal mines can be ‘perfect’ underground food farms

huge income without sunlight

In this Bio-Bunker Panasonic builds the vegetables of the future

The area of arable land worldwide is limited. The population is growing incessantly. In Singapore, Panasonic is growing vegetables in a farm factory. The plants do not get sunlight, the output is still enormous.