Julia Jentsch and Nicholas Ofczarek at the Germany premiere of the series “The Pass” in Munich on Wednesday


What an intelligent story. What charismatic commissioners. What is degraded for a massive implementation of… To the highly acclaimed world premiere in Vienna on Tuesday, the actor Nicholas Ofczarek (47) in an interview with spot on news is extremely charming to the “Austria first”, followed on Wednesday evening the German premiere of the new series Of “Pass”. That it is to “The boat” and “Babylon Berlin”, the next series cracker, was at the screening in Munich’s Gloria Palast, in the case of the first three episodes were shown, it was soon clear.

25. January 2019 starts the eight-part Thriller-crime series, the Directors Cyrill Boss (44) and Philipp Stennert (43), with music from Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer (61, “The lion king”) who was specially flown in from L. A. on Sky in German-speaking countries. In addition to its broadcast on Sky 1 all the episodes will be immediately available on demand.

that’s in “The Pass”

As in the Alps, exactly on the German-Austrian border, a cruel in the body is found, sending the two countries to an investigator to solve the case. For Ellie Stocker (Julia Jentsch) from Berchtesgaden this is the first big challenge in their career. The dedicated Commissioner throws himself with full vigor into the investigation.

in contrast to her cynical colleagues, Gedeon Winter (Nicholas Ofczarek) from Salzburg, who seems to have his police officers being far from complete and, initially, no interest in cooperation. However, as more corpses in the German-Austrian border area to be found, it is clear that the investigators have to do with a highly intelligent serial killer whose evil power can only stop it together.

The passport was Inspired by the idea of the Danish-Swedish success format “of The bridge – Transit in den Tod” (original title: “Broen” / “Bron”). But it’s not a Remake.

What’s the Commissioner!

the transmitter, the serial makers and the outstanding Cast were at the Premiere in Munich to celebrate. In addition to actress Julia Jentsch (40, “Sophie Scholl – The final days”, “The Disappearance”) enthusiasts of all is the Austrian actor and theatre Star Nicholas Ofczarek. At the Event in Munich he was to recognize, however, hardly, because of the open-minded Vienna had nothing of his cynical, grumpy and anti-social alter-Ego in the series.

in essence, the two connect nothing confirmed Ofczarek personally. “So broken and empty I’m not. The Grumpy is just the result of his Emptiness and dissatisfaction… but It was very nice to play something like that.” So far, the series received “unanimous enthusiasm and goodwill – which is rare,” Ofczarek. “I’m rarely proud of what, but I’m really proud of that.”

Also colleague Lucas Gregorowicz (42, “lamb and goat”, “suburban wives”), known to many as “Polizeiruf”-investigators Adam Raczek and plays in “The Pass”, a tenacious Investigative journalists, there was great praise for the “incredibly unusual, very opulent commissioners”. “I wish I could turn up, such as Nicholas Ofczarek may the here. This is maxed out to the last Nuance,” said Gregorowicz. The whole series look but simply “amazing: The snow, the mountains…”, It was an “Alpine Noir Film, a dark crime in the mountains”.

actor Franz Hartwig (33, “Emperor’s fall”) was present at the German premiere. His brutal character in the series, the 33-Year-old appreciates “his Cleverness; I don’t think that’s how smart I am,” he admitted, laughing.

Krampus and Pass – what is it?

In the series plays the figure of the Krampus’ an important role. The demonic dread has been known for centuries, especially in Bavaria and Austria and other countries of the Alpine space. Accompanies Saint Nicholas during Advent. While Nicholas rewarded good children, punishes the Krampus, the naughty. Nicholas and the Krampus are out together with an angel, is called a three-group “Pass”.

The native of Dresden, Hartwig was not aware of this figure before the shooting. “As I have met and the people I have seen have creeped me, and also as an Over-30-Year-old,” he admitted.

Hanno Koffler (38, “work without the author”) plays the Manager of Commissioner Ellie Stocker. “Because I’m half-Austrian, I was always told a lot of the Krampus. I know a lot of horror stories from Relatives. And as a child I feared me, actually a bit before that.” Was known to him also that there are some teenagers who dress up as Krampus, sometimes a bit too hard to tackle, and the smaller children would scare it properly. “But in the series it has, of course, a completely different quality,” says Koffler.

among the celebrities premiere guests Maria Furtwängler (52, “the scene of the crime”). You then set a bit of a Worry: “I have a bit of fear. I’m not made for the eerie Thriller. I dream sometimes bad and this worries me then. I hope that the movie traumatized me too much,” she said on-the-spot news. As a child, you have captured extremely in front of it. “I have a very archaic eerie reminder of when the Krampus came time in elementary school. I had incredible fear that my misdeeds would be exposed,” said Furtwängler.

something Similar happened to the German film Director Hans Steinbichler (52, Rita-Falk-novel adaptation “Hannes”, the cinema start: 5. September), came to Switzerland to the world. He rejoiced especially in the Alpine in the series, because he turn there self very happy. When the theme is Krampus, the fun stopped, but also for him: As a child he had feared to be insane in front of this figure. “The Krampus was for me the maximum penalty, the worst of it. When he came to us in the village, he met a child with his heavy chain so that it crashed to the ground. All cried out. I will never forget.”

After the screening of the film, moderator Stephanie Schlayer invited premiere guests into the Heart of the Old stock exchange on lenbachplatz, where more extensively celebrated.