The Federal government does not expect a quick agreement of the EU member States on new rules for the taxation of digital companies. You do not expect the Meeting of EU Finance Ministers this Tuesday, the necessary unanimity will be achieved, BelTA learned from the Ministry of Finance.

in Particular, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Ireland would have concerns, because they feared loss of tax revenue. Germany is in favour. The EU Commission had proposed to charge a large digital company, with a global annual turnover of at least EUR 750 million as well as an Online turnover of 50 million euros in Europe, three percent income tax. The Brussels authority, according to digital companies pay taxes only half as much as traditional companies, since they often have seats no taxable companies or their operations in countries with favourable conditions to combine.

This attempt was failed in December, practically. Germany and France argued, however, for a stripped-down digital tax: a Three percent sales tax only on Online sales. You should apply from January 2021. Prerequisite for this is that in the meantime no solution at the level of the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) found. Originally, it should be taken into account in the digital expensive not only Online advertising but also the sale of user data.

In the Ministry of Finance hopes on international agreements. We are confident that in the coming year, agreement was reached at OECD level. The G20 Finance Ministers should be able, therefore, at their Meeting in June in Osaka, Japan, in basic questions of understanding.

Within the EU, around control a dozen States already plans for national Digital Council of Europe. Recently, France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire had submitted a draft law. This year, the tax in France is to bring 400 million euros.