Robb Stark in “Game of Thrones” is already a tragic end – the actor who played him, expecting but still with a lot more Victims in the eighth and final season of the series. Richard Madden (32) appears to believe that none of the main characters survived the last Episode. Starting in April, the last episodes in the TV run.

While Fans are speculating about who will survive, and the Iron throne is said Madden to the “Hollywood Reporter”: “I think there’s only three dragons flying around and all the others are dead. It is a possibility!”

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Madden said enjoys the time as a Game-of-Thrones-viewers

The “Bodyguard”Star that he was watching after the death of his character on “Game of Thrones” comfortable as a spectator. Because he’ve been doing this for so many years, no longer remember, he somehow did that he had been. “You are talking about Robb Stark, and I know who he is, but I don’t see myself in the role. I am now just an observer, which is not so good.”

A drawback in the series to play, so Madden that he got the screenplay: “So, what’s going to happen next, knew. I’ve been in years, so I can just enjoy it as a spectator. This is exciting.”

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