George R. R. Martin is just as ignorant as “GoT”Fans in the world


Not even the author of the original books of “Game of Thrones”, what adventures have to ride the characters in the series finale to the best – and how it all will turn out white. George R. R. Martin (70, “a song of ice and fire”) is so busy with the work on the sixth book “The Winds of Winter” that he had no time, the script for the final season to read, that has overtaken his books a long time ago.

The fifth and so far last of his Saga novels ended with Jon snow’s death. As we know, this is returned in the series, but from the dead. A circumstance that did not like the book authors? In an Interview with “Entertainment Weekly” said the 70-Year-old that he had mixed feelings to the end of the series. “I wish I would have grown up with the books finished, so the Show would not come to me before. I never expected this.” His reader Martin for the past eight years, the sixth part of the wait.

No end in sight?

in Order to deal with the scenarios of “Game of Thrones” or even a Cameo appearance in the series, lacked the author is simply the time. “I have read neither of the scripts for the Finale yet had the opportunity to visit the Set, because I’ve been working on ‘Winds’,” he said. Although the 70 had been set a-Year-old about “a few things” in knowledge, “but there are a lot of storylines of the supporting characters” about which he was as ignorant as the audience.

A consolation after the end of the series: In Martin’s books, the characters are not live, but will most likely once again of new adventures. For him, the Saga is far from over: “For many, it is the end. For me, it is not the end. I’m still in there deep. Hopefully, I live long, for I still have a lot of work in front of me,” he said.