for a Long time, Samsung was considered as a driver of innovation in the Smartphone market. In the last two years, the competition is catching up, but powerful – while the Galaxy S9 came along quite dull. Now the Koreans have shown with the Galaxy S10, its a Plus model with the larger Display as well as a with the addition of “e”-marked, easily-defined savings option three really exciting devices. We have tested it.

The biggest difference of the three new models is the Display. After the Galaxy S8 was the first Smartphone to almost no edge more, was the case of the new S-models is still further evaporated. This was made possible with a Trick: The front cameras in both the S10 and S10e, and two of the Plus-model – look out now directly through a hole from the Display. First of all, it irritates a little, you get used to but it quickly. A real advantage over the Notch baptised savings from other manufacturers, the hole is not a looker but it’s all.


The hole in the Display is noticeable, especially in front of bright backgrounds. Here is the dual camera of the Galaxy S10, Plus it is easy to see Chic with a hole

Due to the narrower edge, there are at a moderate housing size a lot to see. With a 6.1 inch screen on the S10 is almost as large as that of the previous Plus model in the large variant, gigantic 6.4 inch in it this time. Nevertheless, it remains relatively portable. This is all too big, with “only” a 5.8-inch S10e an Alternative. However, a slightly worse resolution With 2280×1080 pixels, the S10e is a bit less sharp than the more expensive variants with their 3040 x 1440 pixels. In everyday life you have to look very carefully to spot this difference.

As Samsung’s usual AMOLED Display is a real cracker. The contrasts and the presentation of colors are simply great, the Display is clearly one of the very best on the market. As the first manufacturer to Samsung, and also supports the TV Standard HDR10+.


The great AMOLED Display is one of the best on the market Strong Snap

to be able To display something Fancy to show, has filed Samsung in addition to the cameras. In the S10 and the S10 Plus a three-compartment camera, is the first to use, the one composed of wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens (12MP) and one for Ultra-wide-angle shooting (16 MP). The S10e uses a dual camera, the telephoto lens is here.

The result, from cameras and in the Background story Artificial intelligence. The images are full of Details that catch the colours and light moods very natural. Interesting: During a long time, Samsung’s Smartphones for exaggerated color representation were known, the current Galaxy S10 compared to an iPhone XS in a color that clearly. For a comparison, see the photo gallery.

Galaxy S10 Plus against the iPhone XS: The great duel of the camera-Stars Fullscreen

The Galaxy S10 Plus (in the track is always to the left) and the iPhone XS give yourself in good light in terms of the quality very little. Both of them catch a very sharp, detail-rich images.

As particularly good Samsung highlighted the night mode switches is switched on, image automatic automatically. The results in low light are actually pretty good, especially in the dark areas of noise but clearly. With the night mode of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Google Pixel 3 Samsung can’t keep up. Maybe Samsung can create here via a Software Update remedy.

The Selfie-camera shoots good pictures, the S10-Plus a group mode is added by the second camera, the more people fit into the picture. That doesn’t work quite well, as a reason to buy it is sufficient for the majority of customers.

well-Known Design, great technology,

The Design of Samsung holding back, otherwise, to a large extent. There are more Gorilla glass front and back, surrounded by a metal frame. The Plus model Samsung is offering here only a Version with a chic ceramic-to-back. The fingerprint scanner, Samsung has installed in the S10 and the S10 Plus directly into the Display. You want to unlock the device, it is necessary to put only your Finger on the right spot on the bottom edge. It sounds easier than it is. Because of the sheer size of the devices, the Finger comes regularly wrong on the ultrasonic sensor, you need more and more as an unlock attempt. Us the solution to the savings-liked model, therefore, better: Here, the Scanner is built into the page, depending on the Hand with the thumb or the index finger to make it easily accessible.

Under the hood there are as usual top-of-the-art technology. The self-developed Exynos processor is one of the fastest on the market, is not achieved in the test programs just Apple’s top processor A12. In everyday life is likely to make but hardly noticeable. The three-S10-models to get any task done rapidly. This also includes the particularly fast storage helps, the Samsung installed. In the smallest S10e with the 6 GB of RAM, the top model of the S10 Plus get 12 GB. All the others are equipped with 8 GB but more than adequate. As data memory a minimum of 128 GB are available, depending on the model you are even up to a Terra byte. In all of the memory is also expandable.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e: technology Overview

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Samsung Galaxy S10e 6.2 inch AMOLED Display6 4-inch AMOLED Display5,8-inch AMOLED Display49,9 x 70.4 x 7.8 mm157,6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm142,2 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm157 g198 g150 gExynos 9820 eight-core processor exynos 9820 eight-core processor exynos 9820 eight-core processor memory: 8 GBArbeitsspeicher: 8 GB/12 GBArbeitsspeicher: 6 GB/8 GBDatenspeicher: 128 GB/512 GBDatenspeicher: 128 GB/512 GB/1 TBDatenspeicher: 128 GB/256 GBTriple camera:
wide angle (12 MP, f1. 5-2,4)
tele-photo (12 MP, f2,4)
ultra wide-angle (12 MP, f2.2)Triple camera:
wide angle (12 MP, f1. 5-2,4)
tele-photo (12 MP, f2,4)
ultra wide-angle (12 MP, f2. 2)dual camera:
wide angle (12 MP, f1. 5-2,4)
ultra wide-angle (12 MP, f2,2)front camera
10 MP, f/1.9, Double front-facing camera
10 MP, f/1.9
8 MP, f2. 2 depth sensor front camera
10 MP, f/1.9 battery: 3400 mAhAkku: 4100 mAhAkku: 3100 mAh Fullscreen

Galaxy So Plus (left) and Galaxy S10 will bring three cameras on the back. The Galaxy S10e the telephoto-lens way

is An important difference in the three models of the battery. While all models with a cargo get through a whole day, at 10e, the Reserve at the end of the day, noticeably smaller than that of the Standard model. The S10 Plus, however, you can use at a moderate use, even on the second day. So for those who value long term, with the largest model on the best. All three models support particularly quick, as well as wireless Charging. An interesting new feature: Charges the Galaxy S10 with a cable, you can use them at the same time, in order to provide another QI-enabled device such as another Smartphone or a Smartwatch, with fresh power.

conclusion: the Three top models and no clear recommendation to buy

With the new Galaxy S10, Samsung provides its customers with a Dilemma. All three Smartphones are really good, the Galaxy S10 Plus, with its lush amenities in addition to the iPhone XS, Max and Huawei Mate 20 Pro to the best Smartphones on the market. Real weaknesses, none of the devices has to be able to, if the fingerprint Sensor in the Display, and the night photos its full-bodied Marketing promise is not quite redeem.

A clear buying recommendation, there is not nevertheless, the three devices differ in Detail but then to very. Each customer must decide what mix of screen size, Features and price is the correct one.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e are already commercially available. The prices for the S10e from 720 Euro for the S10 from 840 euros, and for the S10, Plus 1000 euros.