The sedentary lifestyle, regulates the daily life of a large number of persons with a motor disability or whose mobility is reduced due to agoraphobia, fatigue, depression, etc, Necessarily, the activities in the home are preferred, and the practice of video games can be ideal for this population, children as well as adults. Problem, the body is asked also to indulge in this hobby. However, a paralysis of the fingers makes it cannot, for example, the use of a joystick as standard.

David Combarieu, French engineer, presented at the Futurapolis an alternative to enable an accessibility greatest video games by creating controllers specially designed for people who have difficulty moving their hands. It even has a mechanism in place that allows you to play as football Fifa using only the chin. “The arcade games, the kind of combat, or sport, are highly valued by people with reduced mobility. It was therefore necessary to facilitate their playability for all. For games the game play more sharp, it is still difficult to find substitutes, ” he noted. Nevertheless the result is stunning creativity.