The state funding for a quick Internet are used to a media report says. From the 2015 set up billion-dollar funding program for broadband expansion had so far disbursed only a part of a fraction, reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

the Expansion granted to 3.8 billion euros, were paid accordingly, so far, only about 100 million euros, the newspaper said citing official data, and a response from transport Secretary of state Steffen Bilger (CDU), a Green party member of Parliament Oliver Krischer, Margit Stumpp and Matthias Gastel. In concrete construction projects, only 40 million Euro had been paid out.

The funding program is supposed to bring a majority of Germans until the end of 2018 faster online connections. The transport Ministry had revised the Directive in the summer, in order to accelerate the outflow of funds.

The Greens are now calling for further Changes. “The procedure remains time-consuming and complicated, many municipalities cannot afford to pay the own contribution for projects,” says Stumpp of the newspaper. The transport Ministry said, according to “SZ”, the demand for the program is very large. The success is evident in the number of requests to read the flow of funds. However, the Ministry admitted according to the newspaper, that “the scarce resources in the construction sector” were one of the biggest challenges of the program.