Bjarne Mädel as a “crime scene cleaner” Heiko “Schotty” Schotte

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“My work starts where others pass in horror” – the motto of Bjarne girls figure of Heiko “Schotty” Scot, there is next week to hear for the last Time. Of the NDR series “crime scene cleaner”, there will be only four new episodes. The station reported on its website. Then Schotty goes “” from the lane-killing – in short: “Spube,” as he explained in the follow – in the early retirement. Girl has played the “crime scene cleaner” since 2011. “I miss Schotty is now a little”,-quotes the 50-Year-old from the NDR.

“crime scene cleaner”: You do not want to repeat

author Ingrid Lausund, who signed with the artist’s name Mizzi Meyer for the “crime scene cleaner”, I noticed that you always need more time, “to invent for valid stories, at some point of time expense in Relation to what comes out of it,” said a girl thus. Other members of the team feared, according to the report, “to repeat after more than 30 episodes”.

The four new episodes will be broadcast in the coming week. 19. December then runs the last Episode with the title “thirty-One”. The series received two Grimme prices and three Times the German Comedy.

source: NDR

flashback – the series in 2012, the star was presented:

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