Berlin (dpa) – advertising as “cocoa boosts the intelligence” has withdrawn the school’s milk supplier, the country of love, after criticism of the consumer protection organization foodwatch now.

“These concerns from food watch we take seriously and have decided not to use these statements in the future,” it said in a written opinion of the group, FrieslandCampina, the love of country. Reported food watch have formal legal flaws, the man reiterated. At the same time, the company defended in the Statement, the state’s promotion of cocoa in the school milk program.

presentation of food watch has signed the country of love, after a warning by the Association a Declaration to cease and desist. Accordingly, certain advertising statements may not be used to sweetened chocolate milk.

Among other things, love of country omitted according to the dpa, the present Declaration to cease and desist in brochures or on the Websites of the following statements: “cocoa for Breakfast causes less tooth decay than water”, “cocoa tastes good and makes you mentally fit”, “cocoa increases intelligence and concentration”, as well as further information on performance enhancement through chocolate milk. Nevertheless, love of country, emphasized in the statement, objectively the criticized statements were accurate and substantiated by scientific evidence.

Foodwatch also went with the länder, to the court, which had participated in the school milk program non-critical. “When it comes to the Federal States of the health of the children and not to the Profit of the dairy industry, should be with the sugar of milk program in schools now it’s finally over,” said Association chief Executive Martin Rücker.

consumer organization called North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin and Brandenburg, to stop the subsidies for milk drinks with sugar additives in schools. The individual schools decide for themselves whether or not they participate in the program. Of the Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) expect food watch, a clear Signal against state promotion of sugar consumption in the schools, said food watch representative Rücker.

FrieslandCampina pointed out that there are good reasons that not only milk but also sugar-containing cocoa. Because not all children would like pure milk. “These children should have the opportunity to benefit from subsidised milk products.” Here, love of one’s country to stay significantly below the government target for school cocoa of 7 percent. “We find, therefore, that it is still significantly better if children don’t like milk, grab chocolate milk instead of beverages, traditional soft.” Among other things, the children would be served by the program with calcium.


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